28 Nov 1621 - AFT 1683

  • BIRTH: 28 Nov 1621, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
  • CHRISTENING: 28 Nov 1621, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
  • DEATH: AFT 1683
Father: John FELTON
Mother: Eleanor THROWER

Family 1 : John INGERSOLL
  • MARRIAGE: 1643, Salem, Essex, MA
  1.  John INGERSOLL
  2.  Nathaniel INGERSOLL
  3.  Ruth INGERSOLL
  4. +Richard INGERSOLL
  5.  Sarah INGERSOLL
  6. +Samuel INGERSOLL
  7.  Joseph INGERSOLL
  8.  Hannah INGERSOLL

                   |  |__
 _John FELTON _____|
|                  |   __
|                  |__|
|                     |__
|--Judith FELTON 
|                      __
|                   __|
|                  |  |__
|_Eleanor THROWER _|
                   |   __

[1745] Note that the identification of Judith's father as "Nathaniel" by Avery and
others is mistaken; Nathaniel was her brother, not her father.

"A Genealogical History of the Felton Family"
Felton, William Reid
Tuttle Co.; Rutland, VT; 1935
p13: " ...Parish Registers of the Church of St. Nicholas at Great Yarmouth.
Here were found recorded the marriage of John Felton and Ellen Thrower
22 April 1612, the burial of John 17 March 1626-7, and the baptisms of their
seven children, among whom were a son, Nathaniel, and two daughters, Judith
and Margaret."

p65:"Judith Felton was baptized at Great Yarmouth, England, November 28,
1621, where the records show that she was a sister of Nathaniel. The
Records at Salem also prove that she married about 1644, John Ingersoll
who was born in England about 1625. He was son of Richard Ingersoll and
brother of Dea. Nathaniel Ingersoll, of Salem Village. John Ingersoll
died in Salem in 1683, aged 58 years. His will dated November 20th,
1683, names his son, John, Jr., executor. Nathaniel Felton, his
brother-in-law, appointed overseer, with the widow, Judith Ingersoll."

"Genealogy of the Ingersoll Family in America"
Lillian Drake Avery
Frederick H. Hitchcock, Grafton Press, New York, 1926
p. 4: "[John Ingersoll] married about 1643, Judith Felton, daughter
of Nathaniel Felton. (E. I. Hist. Coll. 45:190.)"

Historical Collections of the Essex Institute
Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 12 (Apr 1859)
"Materials for a History of the Ingersoll Family in Salem"
"...married Judith Felton, daughter of Nathaniel Felton."

"Ancestry of Abel Lunt"
Davis, Walter Goodwin
Anthoesen Press; Portland, ME; 1963
"JOHN, bapt. at Sutton March 11, 1620; m. about 1643, Judith Felton, daughter
of Widow Eleanor Felton, an early settler in Salem; he d. in 1683."

"New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
pp. 409-410
INGERSOLL, John (1620l-1683) (ae 55 in 1678) & Judith [FELTON],
dau wid Eleanor; b 1644; Salem

[1746] [S4] Ancestral File (R)

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