William DODGE

ABT 1604 - ABT 1692

  • BIRTH: ABT 1604, Somersetshire, England
  • EMIGRATION: 29 Jun 1629, Salem, Essex, MA
  • DEATH: ABT 1692, Salem, Essex, MA
Father: John DODGE
Mother: Margery

Family 1 : Elizabeth
  1. +John DODGE
  2.  Josiah DODGE
  3.  William DODGE
  4.  Hannah DODGE

              |  |__
 _John DODGE _|
|             |   __
|             |__|
|                |__
|--William DODGE 
|                 __
|              __|
|             |  |__
|_Margery ____|
              |   __

[5070] "The Dodge Family of Essex County, Mass."
Joseph Thompson Dodge
NEHGR v46 p383 (Oct 1892)
"It is well known that William Dodge came to this country from England in the ship
Lion's Whelp, which sailed from Gravesend 25th April, and from the Isle of Wight
11th May, 1629, and landed at Salem, Mass., 29th June, 1629. This William Dodge
was commended to Gov. Endicott as a "skillful and painful husbandman, with the
request that he might have charge of a team of horses..."
"A deposition of William Dodge, made in February, 1768-9, says, "aged about 70
years." Another deposition made by the same, 28th Sept. 1680, says, "aged about
76 years." The latter is believed to be the more correct. Hence, his birth may have
been as early as 1604..."
"The name of his wife is not known. It has been called Elizabeth Haskell; but Elizabeth
Haskell was wife of "Coker" William, of which there are several proofs. Farmer William
died between 1685 and 1692, as shown by deeds of land."

"Genealogy of the Dodge Family of Essex County, Massachusetts"
Joseph Thompson Dodge
Madison, WI, 1894
(The book form of the above NEHGR article. William is treated on page 13.)

"Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines"
Mary Walton Ferris
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Cuneo Press, 1931
Vol. 2, pp. 319-328
"William died between 1685 and 1692, as disclosed by deeds, and probably close to the
former date for about that time references to his son William omit the word "junior". His
wife, undoubtedly, died earlier than he."

"The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633"
Robert Charles Anderson
New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 1995
"WILLIAM DODGE; ORIGIN: Somersetshire;
MIGRATION: 1629 on the Lyon's Whelp;
BIRTH: About 1604-1609 (deposed aged about seventy years for April Term 1679 and
aged about seventy-six years at September Term 1680.)
DEATH: After 12 May 1685.
MARRIAGE: By 1636 Elizabeth ____ (all secondary sources call her Elizabeth, but the
record evidence for this is not seen); she died after 1642."

"Pioneers of Massachusetts"
Charles Henry Pope
Boston, MA; 1900
p141: "Dodge, Dods - William, husbandman, a passenger in the Lyon's Whelp in 1629 to
Salem; recommended by the Mass. Bay Co. to Gov. Endecott to have charge of a team of
horses. He bought 200 acres of land in Salem bounds 28 (7) 1644. Ch. John bapt. 25 (10)
1636, William bapt. 19 (7) 1640, Hannah bapt. 24 (5) 1612."

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England"
James Savage
Pub. Boston, 1860-1862
Repub. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1998
v2 pp56-58: "WILLIAM, Salem 1629, came in the Lion's Whelp, call. a skilful husbandman,
from Dorsetsh. when Gov. Cradock commends him to Capt. Endicot, had John, bapt. 25 Dec.
1636; William, b. 19 Sept. bapt. 4 Oct. 1640; and Hannah, bapt. 24 July 1642; was freem.
17 Apr. 1637, liv. on Beverly side, was one of the found. of the ch. there 1667. Roger
Haskell call. him s.-in-law. Hannah m. Samuel Porter, and next, Thomas Woodbury."

"New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"DODGE, William (-1685/1692) & Elizabeth _____; by 1636; Salem"

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