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Family 1 : William DODGE
  1. +John DODGE
  2.  Josiah DODGE
  3.  William DODGE
  4.  Hannah DODGE

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[5115] The name of the wife of this William Dodge is not definitively known. The first
name is traditionally believed to be "Elizabeth". Misidentifications abound,
largely because there were so many William Dodges, who are frequently
confused with one another.

"Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines"
Mary Walton Ferris
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Cuneo Press, 1931
Vol. 2, pp. 319-328
"Tradition says that William was tall and dark, and about twenty-one years of age when he
first came over to New England to see how he liked the prospect, that he returned to
England and his father's home, announcing that he had decided to settle in the new country
and craving a present. His father said, "Get married and I will give it." The story adds
that in his endeavor to fulfill this requirement he met with two rebuffs, but finally
found a girl courageous enough to face the dangers and hardships of pioneer life and that
he received from his father the gift of a pair of bulls. It is most unfortunate that the
identity of his wife is not known. She has sometimes been erroneously named as "Elizabeth
Haskell" who in truth was the wife of his nephew and namesake William Dodge, son of
Michael Dodge who remained in England. However, various authorities call his wife
Elizabeth and say that she was living in 1668."

"The Dodge Family of Essex County, Mass."
Joseph Thompson Dodge
NEHGR v46 p383 (Oct 1892)
"The name of his wife is not known. It has been called Elizabeth Haskell; but Elizabeth
Haskell was wife of "Coker" William, of which there are several proofs. Farmer William
died between 1685 and 1692, as shown by deeds of land."

"New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"DODGE, William (-1685/1692) & Elizabeth _____; by 1636; Salem"

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