Maple Grove Cemetery
Tonganoxie, KS


Many members of the Needham family are buried in the Maple Grove cemetery,
along with members of the Schultz, Schoenau and Healey families.

The Cemetery
Maple Grove Cemetery Gate Maple Grove Cemetery
The Maple Grove Cemetery is located to the south of Tonganoxie, KS, just beyond the location of the Oak Hill farm, on US Highway 24 (see the "finding aids" at the base of this page). The front part of the cemetery complex (nearest the highway) is the traditional "black" cemetery; the largest, center portion is the Protestant Maple Grove cemetery, while the rearmost part is the Catholic Sacred Heart cemetery. There are two Needham family plots, labeled on the aerial photo below as "A" and "B".
The Graves - Plot A
  Needham family plot "A"  
Hawley & Catherine Needham Hawley Varnum Needham
Catherine Amelia Lowe
Risa Loretta Titus Needham George William Needham Caroline Olivia "Carrie" Needham
Louis & Nellie Wade Rule Needham Louis Fletcher Needham
Elizabeth Wade "Lizzie" Rule
(second wife; sister of Nellie)
Herman & Dorothy Schultz Herman Carl Schultz Dorothy Louise "Dot" Needham
Fred & Theckla Needham Fred Leon Needham Theckla Emily "Teck" Farrell
The Graves - Plot B
  Needham family plot "B"  
Vin & Lottie Needham Hawley Vincent "Vin" Needham Laura Lena "Lottie" Ellis
Risa Eva Needham Gustav Schoenau Mary Magdelene Schoenau
(maiden name unknown)
Fred & Mary Ann Needham Fred Farrell "Bud" Needham
Mary Ann Cecilia Soetaert
Edward & Cheryl Healey Edward Joseph Healey
Cheryl Ann Needham
Finding Aids
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Tonganoxie Map
(from US Census TIGER Server)
Aerial View of Tongie
(from USGS)
Aerial View of Cemetery
(from USGS)
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