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The truth behind the marriage of Cricket Still and JW Jacobs, as reconstructed from their letters.

Civil War Journal of
Hawley Varnum Needham

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May-October 1864
"Private Journal of Hawley V. Needham of the
134th Regt. Ill. Vol. Co. G"
Contributed by Rowena Lynn (Kaiser) Southard.

For background and a full regimental roster, see
134th Illinois Infantry Regiment: 100 Days Service.

HV Needham Civil War Photo


A brief timeline of the George William Needham family's migration to Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Reminiscence of Anna M. (Lowe) Perry

An undated letter written to the Missouri Republican by Mrs. Catherine J. (Lowe) Marr, and published at the time of the death Anna M. (Lowe) Perry.

The letter is a reminiscence of Anna's life, including adventures on the Canadian border during the War of 1812 and a family tie to patriot Ethan Allen. Some links relating to items in the letter appear below.

(This is a plain text file. I have tried to transcribe this exactly, down to the spelling errors and punctuation. The poor condition of parts of the document and the sometimes shaky handwriting caused me to guess at a couple of phrases. I've marked these with a question mark. The marginal notes of the original transcriber, presumably my great aunt Kathryn "Kittie" Lowe (Needham) Shepherd, I have included as footnotes.)

These web sites provide some background and confirmation of the events related in Mrs. Perry's story:


Genealogy of Thomas Fish of Portsmouth, RI

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Five pages of genealogical musings concerning the Fish family of Rhode Island were found bound into Cornell University's copy of Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island. The undated article is credited to one Dr. F. E. Weeks of Kipton, Lorain County, Ohio. At the beginning of the article is the comment "See New York Gen. and Biog. Record, Vol. 53."; this volume of the NYG&B Record was published in 1922. The article has a reference to 1940 in it, so the citation is apparently for general information.

So far as I know, there is no relationship between the Needham and Fish families. This article is posted here simply as a service to those who might find it useful. The article is available as either plain text or as an Adobe Acrobat image of the original typescript.


There is now a page of newspaper obituaries for members of the Needham family and their kin. This database is just a prototype for a larger and more capable version soon to come. I hope to eventually be able to link a person's database entry, their obituary, personal photos, grave photos, and any other resources to one another in a fully indexed and searchable way. Stay tuned...
Maple Grove Cemetery Gate

Cemetery Photo Surveys
Cemetery Photo Surveys Tonganoxie Cemetery ("Hubbel Hill")
Members of the Farrell and Deaton families are buried in Tonganoxie (Kansas) Cemetery, which is also known as Hubbel Hill.

Maple Grove Cemetery
The Needhams of Tonganoxie, Kansas are mostly buried in two lots found in this cemetery.

Needham Cemetery
The Needham and Cushing families of Fenner, NY rest here.

See also the Simmons family cemeteries page.
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