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A collection of references from the James R. Macdonald
Laboratory related to DAMOP, GEC, ICAP and AMOS in 2002

Abstracts for DAMOP 2002
DAMOP Logo Division of Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics

Abstracts for ICAP 2002 and
the Fano Memorial Symposium
Ugo Fano Resonances and Reflections: Profiles of Ugo Fano's Physics and Its Influences

Eighteenth International Conference on Atomic Physics

Abstracts for GEC02
Conference Site 55th Gaseous Electronics Conference

2002 Research Meeting of the BES AMOS Program
While it's not happenning in the summer, you need to be prepared for this one...
Conference Site


2002 Research Meeting of the BES AMOS Program

The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences Research Meeting of the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences (AMOS) Program will be held at the Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, VA, starting on the evening of Sunday, October 6, and ending in the early afternoon of Wednesday, October 9. The focus topic of this year’s AMOS Research Meeting is "Quantum Information Science" and features six invited speakers from outside the BES AMOS Program who will provide overviews of this rapidly developing area.

See our special 2002 BES Workshop page for our contributions to this year's meeting.

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