Joseph BOONE

1768 - 1847

Father: Edward "Neddy" BOONE
Mother: Martha BRYAN

                                             _George BOONE III_______+
                         _Squire BOONE _____|
                        |                   |_Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE _+
 _Edward "Neddy" BOONE _|
|                       |                    _Edward MORGAN _________+
|                       |_Sarah MORGAN _____|
|                                           |_Elizabeth JARMAN ______
|--Joseph BOONE 
|                                            _Morgan BRYAN __________+
|                        _Joseph Bryan SR. _|
|                       |                   |_Martha STRODE _________+
|_Martha BRYAN _________|
                        |                    ________________________
                        |_Hester ___________|

[447] "The Boone Family; a Genealogical History"
Hazel Atterbury Spraker
Rutland, VT, 1922
(Reprinted, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore, MD. 1974)
p72: "Joseph Boone. married a Miss Fry. He was badly wounded in the ankle in St Clair's Defeat
(Revolution). He crawled off into the bushes and hid as the Indians passed him in pursuit of the
whites. After lying in hiding for several days, he was rescued and carried on horseback to Fort
Jefferson. He settled in Indiana."

"The Jess M. Thompson Pike County History"
Thompson, Jess M.
Pittsfield, IL; Pike County Historical Society; 1967
Chapter 101: "In the party traveled Edward Boone and his family, with 22 pack horses, besides
those the family rode. Abraham Lincoln, grandfather of the President, also went out to Kentucky
with this party. With Edward Boone and his wife on the journey were their six children, Charity,
Jane, Mary, Sarah, George and Joseph Boone."
Chapter 62: "Two other sisters are along, Jane and Sarah Boone. Jane, in Kentucky, marries
Morgan Morgan, and Sarah marries William Hunter. In the party also are Edward Boone's two
sons, George and Joseph."

[445] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

[446] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

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