ABT 1660 - AFT 1734

Family 1 : Elizabeth JARMAN
  1.  William MORGAN
  2.  Edward Morgan JR.
  3.  Elizabeth MORGAN
  4.  John MORGAN
  5.  Daniel MORGAN
  6.  Margaret MORGAN
  7.   MORGAN Morgan
  8.  Alice MORGAN
  9.  Deborah MORGAN
  10. +Sarah MORGAN
  11.  Mary MORGAN
  12.  Joseph MORGAN

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|--Edward MORGAN 
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[561] "The Family of Edward Morgan of Pennsylvania: Daniel Boone's Maternal Kin"
Stewart Baldwin
The Genealogist, Vol. 15, No.1 (Spring 2001)
[See also Baldwin's "Edward Morgan of Gwynedd, PA" at http://sbaldw.home.mindspring.com/]
"Edward Morgan, of Philadelphia, later of near Gwynedd, in what is now Montgomery
County, Pennsylvania, born say 1660, possibly in Wales, and still living on 27 8m
[October] 1732, married Elizabeth (Jarman?), who was still living 7 10m [December]
1731, and was probably a daughter of John Jarman, an early Quaker immigrant from
Wales to Pennsylvania. The exact time of Edward Morgan's arrival in America is unknown,
but he received a warrant for a city lot in Philadelphia on 27 5m [July] 1684."

[Broderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979]
THE MORGAN LOG HOUSE -- This 1695 medieval, 2 1/2 story log house, the only one of its kind still surviving in America, was built by grandparents of Daniel Boone, the frontiersman, and forebears of General Daniel Morgan famed Revolutionary War "raider." In this house the American roots of a distinguished family tree were planted. Besides Morgan offspring, Rittenhouse, Morris, Roberts, Lloyd, Robeson and Hanks are family names on its branches... Edward Morgan's son, Morgan, had built a house on 197 acres of the original 800 acres in 1718.

Edward Morgan and Elizabeth, his wife, both free, arrived at Philadelphia in the same ship (The Morning Star) from Liverpool, in the 9th month 1683 (20th 9th month)." (Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol 8, page 329).

The ancestry of Edward Morgan, progenitor of the Morgan family of Montgomery County, Penn., and grandfather of explorer Daniel Boone & Edward Boone, is still a matter of speculation. One of the most objective analyses of the identity annd family of Edward Morgan was made some fifty years ago by Mrs. Hazel Atterbury Spraker, in her book, THE BOONE FAMILY. Excerpts from this source are as follows:

"There is an early record which states that "Edward Morgan and Elizabeth his wife, both free, arrived at Philadelphia in the same ship (The Morning Star) from Liverpool, in the 9th month 1683 (20th 9th month)." (Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol.8,page 329)

"Another Edward Morgan, recorded in Radnor Monthly Meeting, was born in Merionithshire, Wales, 25 August 1679; was a son of Cadwalader Morgan, and came to Pennsylvania with his parents."

"A third Edward Morgan is referred to by Thomas Allen Glenn in his Wlesh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol. 2, page 1, in which it is stated that Edward Morgan of near Bala, Co. Merionithshire, a tailor, had a son named Morgan who removed to Gwynedd, PA, about 1700 and was a freeholder of 800 acres of land in Gwynedd, died in Towamencin, 1727, leaving a wife Dorothy.

A fourth record of an Edward Morgan is found in a "History of the Family of Morgan, from the year 1089 to Present Times," by James Appleton Morgan, New York (1897-1902). In this it is stated that Edward Morgan was the son of Sir James Morgan, 4th Baronet of Llantarnum, and wife, Lady Alice Hopoton; that Edward ame to America with his sister Sarah, wife of Stephen Beasley, married Margaret --- and had a daughter Sarah Morgan who married Squire Boone. No authority is given for this last statement. In this book the ancestry is carried back through many royal lines to as early as the year 605.

At this late date it seems impossible to determine which, if any of the above Edward Morgans was the father of Sarah, and hence the grandfather of Daniel Boone. Althought his ancestry, his early life and the name of his wife, may always remain in obscurity, we yet have a brief history of the later life and children of Edward of Gwynedd, as given in "Historical Collections of Gwynedd by Howard Jenkins, page 410." This history of Edward Morgan reads as follows:

"The first settler in Gwynedd or its vicinity named Morgan, was Edward. He seems to have been here as early as 1704, as the road upward through Gwynedd, made in that year, was to go as far as his place. He was a tailor by trade, a Welshman by birth, no doubt, and probably advanced in years when he came. He had lived previously near Philadelphia. In February, 1708, he bought 300 acres of land in what is now Towamencin, of Griffith Jones, merchant, Philadelphia. The tract lay along William John's land, and was therefore on the township line. In 1714 he bought 500 acres more, nearby, of George Claypool of Philadelphia, who, like Griffith Jones,was a speculative holder of Towamencin lands. By 1713 he had apparently moved to Montgomery; in the deed from Claypool he is described as a "yeoman of Montgomery."

Edward Morgan no doubt had several children. His sons probably received and held the Towamencin lands. In the list of 1734, for that township there appear: Joseph Morgan, 200 acres, Daniel Morgan, 200; John Morgan, 100. In 1727, Morgan Morgan of Towamencind died leaving a will in which he mentions jhis wife Dorothy, his brothers Joseph, John and William, his two sons Edward and Jesse (both minors), and his niece Elizabeth, John's daughter."

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[560] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

[668] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

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