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Family 1 : Jean BODINE

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|--Esther BRIDON 
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[4998] Please see the notes for the elder Jean Bodine for an explanation of the tangled
relationships of the various Jean Bodines and Esther Bridon.

See "Dave's Bodine Genealogy Web Site"
Dave Bodine []
(This very thoroughly researched site includes an essay by Ronny Bodine attempting
to untangle the relationships of the various Jean Bodines, as mentiuoned above.)

"Annals of the Sinnott, Rogers, Coffin, Corlies, Reeves, Bodine
and Allied Families"
Mary Elizabeth Sinnott
JB Lippincott, Philadelphia, PA, 1905.
"He married (1) --- Crocheron, whose father, John Crocheron, was among the emigres
to Staten Island, and who, by his will of 13 December, 1695, described himself as of
great age, and bequeathed his estate to his wife Mary, eldest son Nicholas, son Anthony,
and to his "other children." The son Nicholas Crocheron did not long survive his father,
and his will, dated 10 February, 1702. gave half his paternal estate to his "nephews and
nieces, the children of John Bodine by his first wife"... Jean Bodine married (2), probably
in England, Esther, the daughter of Francis Bridon, who was naturalized in London, and
who may have accompanied his son-in-law to New York, where he died in May, 1704..."

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