____ - 1694

  • BIRTH: Bethune, Southern Netherlands
  • DEATH: 1694, Staten Island, Richmond, NY
Family 1 :
  1. +Jean BODINE

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|--Jean BODINE 
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[4991] The proper identification of the Jean Bodines associated with Staten Island in
early colonial times, which of them married Esther Bridon, and when, is a tangled
mess. Sinnott held that the same Jean accounted for all the known references to
the couple, despite internal timing conflicts in the story. Van Wagnen pointed these
out, but was unable to untangle the story. Ronny Bodine offers the latest theory,
referred to below, which seems to resolve matters but involves fantastic (but not
inconceivable) coincidences.

Assuming that Ronny Bodine is correct, the elder Jean Bodine that I have listed here
is Jean Bodin of near Bethune, in Artois, France, who preceded Jean Bodin of Medis
to America, by at least two decades or more. The wife of Jean of Bethune is unknown;
the wife of Jean of Medis was Esther Bridon. Esther Bridon eventually becomes the
second wife of the younger Jean, son of Jean of Bethune.

(Geographical note: Bethune was actually part of the Southern Netherlands at the
time of Jean Bodine's birth. It subsequently became part of the French Artois region,
and is now part of the modern Pas-de-Calais département. )

"Generation One: Jean Bodin - John Bodine, 1645 -1707"
Ronny Bodine
"In 1708, there lived on Staten Island, John Bodine, widower, and Esther Bodine, widow.
And then the two married each other. There is no record of this marriage and the result
has caused endless confusion among the descendants of John and Maria (Crocheron)
Bodine and John and Esther (Bridon) Bodine. On the surface it appeared that one John
Bodine married both ladies. This conclusion, first presented by Dr. Baird in his Huguenot
Emigration to America (ii, 39) was first questioned as being chronologically impossible by
Frank L. Van Wagnen in his The Ancestry of Conrad Van Wagnen (Buffalo, 1946, 111), but
nevertheless has continued on for nearly a century. This otherwise unrecorded match becomes
evident from a series of transfers in ownership of the 80 acres of land first purchased by Jean
Bodin from Johannes and Neeltje Messereau in 1701."

"Annals of the Sinnott, Rogers, Coffin, Corlies, Reeves, Bodine
and Allied Families"
Mary Elizabeth Sinnott
JB Lippincott, Philadelphia, PA, 1905.
"Jean Bodine, of the Cambray family, is said to have removed to Medis, in the province of
Saintonge, France, where his son Jean was born in 1645. He was doubtless a Huguenot,
and left the country of his nativity to find an asylum in other lands, and it is thought that he
made a short stay in Holland, as well as in England, before his coming to New York... He
settled on Staten Island. New York, at which place he had a survey of land, 1 April, 1686, and
where he died during the latter part of 1694. His estate was administered upon, 4 March, 1695,
by Paulus Richards, and before the final settlement thereof his son Jean Bodine appeared as
defendant in a suit against the same."

"The Ancestry of Garret Conrad Van Wagnen"
Frank L. Van Wagnen
Buffalo, N.Y., 1946
p111: "Unquestionably, there was a Crocheron who became the wife of a John Bodine, as
the will of one Nicholas Crocheron specifically refers to his nephews and nieces, the
children of John Bodine by his _first_ wife. The writer is of the opinion that this is the record
upon which Miss Sinnott based her statement that John Bodine's _first_ wife was a Crocheron
and that due to lack of information relative to the date of the marriage, an error may have crept
into Miss Sinnott's work when she indicated that this John Bodine married prior to 1680,
possibly in England, as his _second_ wife, Esther Bridon, by whom he had children born there
in 1680 and 1681. Obviously, if the record of marriage of John Bodine and Maria "Crosseron", is
correct, then he could not have been one and the same with the John Bodine whose wife Esther
Bridon had children just referred to, and several possibilities suggest themselves as to the effect
such a discrepancy could have on a genealogical record."

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