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The Simmons genealogy received its latest, long-overdue update on 31 December 2014. The current version of this Simmons family tree features 672 individuals from 297 families. For the moment, only the GEDCOM file has been updated. I'm having technical issues with the web pages, but I hope to resolve those soon.

The notes below still refer to the 2007 update. I'll have updates to the home pages and new stylings soon.

The big change in this edition is the discovery of the ancestors of Mary Ann Wells Stultz. Mary Ann's grandmother turns out to be Mary Boone, a neice of Daniel Boone, the famous American frontiersman. The Boone line is well known, so this find has expanded the database considerably, adding the Boone, Bryan, Morgan Scholl and Wells lines, among others.

Previous changes to the site included:

  • Extension of the McAdams family line to John W. McAdams, born 1841 in Indiana. He seems to have had two wives, both named Mary, and I have provisionally identified them.
  • Improvement of the documentation of the Morris Kennedy family. Morris and his wife Bridget were immigrants, and seem to have died fairly young. I haven't been able to reliably document their marriage or deaths, but the weight of what I do know is giving me confidence that I've identified the right people.
  • The Resources page now has a link to a new obituary database, which is the seed for a still grander project. I hope to eventually be able to link every person's database entry, their obituary, personal photos, grave photos, and any other resources to one another in a fully indexed and searchable way.
  • The Genealogical Links section received an overdue update and extension.
Previously completed features include photo-surveys of the Mt. Calvary, Fort Leavenworth, and Laurel Hill cemeteries. Still to come are photos from Mt. Olivet, the churchyard cemetery of St. Joseph of the Valley in Leavenworth county.
Special thanks go out to Edward Kennedy Cameron for his extensive work on the Cameron and Kennedy lines, to Tracy Williams Wagner for help with the Williams family, and to Elizabeth Lee "Betty Lee" Simmons McAdams for hours of personal recollections. Those recollections came in conversations with myself and my late mother, Eleanor Jean Simmons Needham, to whom this work is dedicated. Many others, too numerous to mention here, have contributed as well. I thank you all.

Mistakes are inevitable, and there is always more to learn. If you should find an inaccuracy or if you have infomation to share, please contact me!

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Last updated on Thursday February 12 2015.
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