Mount Calvary Cemetery
Leavenworth, KS


Mt. Calvary is located on the southern side of Leavenworth, KS.
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The Cemetery

Mount Calvary is a predominantly Catholic cemetery in Leavenworth, Kansas. It is the family burial site of most of the Leavenworth Simmons and allied families. A partial listing and a brief history of the cemetery are available. Most of the family's graves are clustered in two general areas, identified as "Plot A" and "Plot B" the "Finding Aids" below.

The Graves

The Needham family stone.

My father, Harold Needham is still alive and well!

May my mother, Eleanor Jean Simmons Needham, rest in peace.

"Plot A" contains Simmons, Williams, Nicola and Kennedy family graves. It is in Section 2 of the cemetery.

Joel Albert and Mary Ellen Williams Simmons. Their stone is out of line with most of the others in the area, and serves as a good landmark.

Peter W. and Catherine "Kate" Hand Williams are the founders of the Leavenworth Williams line.

John M. "Nick" and Grace A. Wilkes Williams.

Inscription for John M. "Nick" Williams.

Inscription for Grace A. Wilkes Williams.

Martin H. and Ethel Maud Henry Williams.

The Nicola stone stands over three footstones, and is just south of the Simmons and Williams graves.

"Father, Peter W. Nicola, 1878-1941"

"Mother, Elizabeth [Williams] Nicola, 1874-1938"

"Daughter, Grace Williams, Oct. 29, 1919"

The Kennedy family plot, just west of the Simmons and Williams graves.

The Kennedy monument stands over many footstones, marking several generations of the family.

The inscription on the large monument is to Matthew Charles "Matt" and Emma Agnes Herley Kennedy.

Looking northeast, up the hill, into Section 2.

Footstone of Edwin I. Kennedy.

Footstone of Clarence Kennedy.

Lawrence and Katherine Kennedy's footstones are immediately south of the large Kennedy monument.

Footstone of Lawrence Kennedy.

Footstone of Katherine Herley Kennedy.


"Plot B" is in Section 3. A short flagpole makes this area easy to find. The Cameron and Mohan/Williams plots are here, with the Kennedy and Swoboda plots just to the west.

The Cameron monument. Elmer also has a veteran's footstone here.

Inscription for parents Hugh C. & Catherine Kennedy Cameron, son Elmer and his wife Claire Frances Kennedy Cameron. Catherine and Claire are from separate Kennedy clans.


Veteran's footstone for Elmer Edward Cameron.

The Mohan/Williams monument presides over seven footstones.

Another view of the Mohan/Williams plot, with its many footstones spread out to the east of the monument.

The footstone of Peter J. Williams rests near those of his two wives, Sina and Louisa.

Footstone of Sina L. Williams.

Footstone of Louisa C. Williams.

Another Peter J. Williams, son of Peter J., grandson of Peter W., and great-grandson of Peter Willems.

Ida May, wife of Peter J. Williams.



The Fellman/Kennedy monument stands over the footstones of Charles and Claudia Kennedy. Claudia's sister married into the Fellman family.

Footstone of Charles Matthew Kennedy.

Footstone of Claudia Anna Swoboda Kennedy.

The Swoboda monument is adjacent to the Fellman/Kennedy stone, and must be Claudia's parents.

Inscription for Anton Swoboda.

Inscription for Rosa Swoboda. The reflection on the polished stone is of your humble webmaster.

The Duffin stone stands over John's and Irene's footstones. It is in far eastern part of Section 1 of the cemetery.

Footstone of John Murta Duffin.

Footstone of Anna Irene Kennedy Duffin.

Gravestone of John T. Williams. This stone and the Joseph Kennedy stone are in Section 15, on the northern edge of the cemetery.

Inscription for John T. Williams.

Jo Ann Williams remains with us.

Joseph M. Kennedy is another son of Matt Kennedy.

Inscription for Joseph M. and Bernice Marie Moses Kennedy.
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