Laurel Hill Cemetery
Weston, MO


Members of the Simmons and Stultz families are buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery at Weston, MO (see the "finding aids" below). This includes both the William Simmons and John Stultz involved in the Stultz-Simmons shooting incident.

The Cemetery
Laurel Hill cemetery is located on Welt Street in Weston, MO. Weston is a pleasant little town that has worked hard to maintain its historic flavor. The Joel Simmons and John Stultz family plots can be found here, along with beautiful views from the hillside.
The Graves: Simmons Plot
Simmons Family Plot
Joel & Martha Simmons Joel A. Simmons Martha J. Stultz Simmons
J.W. & Talitha Simmons James William Simmons Talitha Cumi Ninemeyer Simmons
The Graves: Stultz Plot
Stultz Family Plot
John & Ada Mae Stultz John William Stultz Ada Mae Buckner Stultz
Percy Cleveland Stultz Margaret Frances Hill Stultz Dena Buckner
(sister of Ada Mae?)
Finding Aids
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Weston Area Map
(from US Census TIGER Server)
Aerial View of Weston
(from USGS)
Aerial View of Cemetery
(from USGS)
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