Mary Ann WELLS

20 May 1820 - 3 Jun 1889

Father: Hasten "Hastings" WELLS
Mother: Martha "Patsey" SCHOLL

Family 1 : James B. STULTZ
  1. +Martha J. STULTZ
  2.  Mary E. STULTZ
  3.  Aura A. STULTZ
  4. +Ruth D. STULTZ
  5. +Georgia Ann STULTZ
  6.  Emma STULTZ
  7.  Cumi STULTZ
  8. +John William STULTZ

                            _John Bernett WELLS _|
                           |                     |_______________________
 _Hasten "Hastings" WELLS _|
|                          |                      _______________________
|                          |_Anne UNKNOWN _______|
|                                                |_______________________
|--Mary Ann WELLS 
|                                                 _William SCHOLL _______+
|                           _Peter SCHOLL _______|
|                          |                     |_Leah MORGAN __________
|_Martha "Patsey" SCHOLL __|
                           |                      _Edward "Neddy" BOONE _+
                           |_Mary BOONE _________|
                                                 |_Martha BRYAN _________+

[151] "History of Clay and Platte Counties, Missouri"
National Historical Co., St. Louis, MO, 1885
p1080: "James Stultz, who came originally from North Carolina, went to
Illinois when quite young, and was there married, Miss Mary Ann Wells
becoming his wife. She is a sister to John B. Wells, whose biography is
given elsewhere in this volume. Mr. and Mrs. Stultz came to this county
in 1837, and here the former continued to make his home, one of the
respected and highly honored citizens of the township, until his death
in 1878."

1860, 1870 US Federal Census
Weston Twp, Platte, MO
1860: Series: M653 Roll: 640 Page: 730
1870: Series: M593 Roll: 799 Page: 422

1880 US Federal Census
Weston, Platte, MO
Roll: T9_710; Page: 26A; Image: 0064.
(Now widowed, living with son John W. Stultz.)

"Graceland and Laurel Hill Cemeteries, Weston, MO"
Shirley I. Kimsey, 1999
(No stone number given - info here is probably an annotation;
claims she was 71, which implies birth year of 1818)

"Platte County MO Cemeteries: West of I-29/North of 92 Hwy"
Shirley I. Kimsey, 1999
McGhay/Manley/Stultz Cemetery
(Date of birth given as 5/20/1820, not 1818 as above)

"Annals of Platte Co, MO"
W.M. Paxton
Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Co, 1897
p. 698
"Mrs. Georgia McGee died at Weston. She was the wife of William McGee
and daughter of James Stultz. Her mother was Mary Ann Wells, sister of John B."

Accounted for in the Federal Census of Buchanan Co., MO for 1840
(as appropriate age female) and of Platte Co., MO for 1860 & 1870.

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