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I can't seem to stop myself from buying more and more backpacking gear. Here are some pictures of my latest set of "bug-out bags", day packs and my new ultralight and compact Nemo Gogo bivy-tent. The Gogo gets to be light and small by using an "air beam" in place of poles.

Other, earlier pages detail the contents of the Pygmy Falcon bug-out bag,
and show my Coleman Avior tent and sil-nylon tarp pitched in various ways.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.3 MB in size.


The various packs.


Maxpedition Falcon II bug-out bag, with an Osprey DigiStow pouch.

Deuter hydration daypack and a Mountainsmith fanny pack.

Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II, with a Maxpedition Barnacle pouch.


The Nemo Gogo in its stuff sack.



Unrolled, layed out and staked down.



Details of the tie-down loops and stakes.



Close up of the air beam and pump.


It inflates easily in under one minute, and is surprisingly rigid.




Fully pitched, with front extended and fly rolled back.



The swallowtail can be propped up with a stick to be more tent-like.



With the front extended and fly closed.



Let's crawl inside.



I should have shaved this morning!

There's just room enough to turn around in.

The top of the air beam.

An alternate pitching option is to retract the front...

...leaving the fly out as a gear vestibule.


The Falcon II stowed in the vestibule.


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