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What's in your bug-out bag? Here's mine, all packed reasonably neatly into a Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II daypack. The photos are a little dark, since I opted not to use a flash to avoid glare. Another gallery shows my tent, tarp and sleep system components. I've since added a bigger Falcon II bug-out bag with a Nemo Gogo bivy-tent, which has its own gallery.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.3 MB in size.

Fully packed. The sleep and shelter system is in the lower stuff-sack and is shown elsewhere.

The main compartment open.

Close up, showing mainly food and clothing here.

The food layer unpacked, with multifuel stove.

The clothing layer.

Odds and ends, including the toiletries bag. The Clif bar box also has oatmeal packets.

The toiletries bag unpacked.

Close-up of the front pockets.

Inside the packed, bigger pocket.

The larger pocket unpacked, with the first-aid kit and high-availability items.

Pens, fishing kit, notebook and cards in the inner pockets.

The AMK "Trekker" first-aid kit, with some of my enhancements.

Contents of the smaller pocket: maps, bandanas and jerky.

From the side pockets, a cup, filter bottle, fuel and hat.

The front of the pack, with stuff on the straps.

SW radio, multitool, whistle/survival tool, light and knife.

And yes, I can repack it all, too! The upper mesh bag has rain gear and a cheap air mattress.

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