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A few shots of my backpacking gear, Pygmy Falcon bug-out bag, one-man Coleman Avior tent and ultralight sil-nylon tarp. A separate page details the contents of the bug-out bag itself. I have since added a larger Falcon II bug-out bag and a Nemo Gogo bivy-tent to go with it. Updated in July 2010 to add hammock/siltarp system images.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.3 MB in size.

My 1970s vintage Camp Trails external-frame backpack and my new Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II daypack.

Full dry loads are about 35 and 25 lbs, respectively.

Bottom: Avior X1 tent; Middle: bug-out bivy, hammock & tarp sytem; Top: bug-out rain gear & cheap air mattress.


Views of the Coleman Avior X1.



Bug-out bag views, with bike & ruler for scale.

Shortwave, knife, multitool, survival whistle-tool & mini-flash on straps.

Fanny pack with bug-out bag.

The single stuff bag for the sleep & shelter gear.

The hammock, bivy, tarp & trekking poles.

Tarp assembly with both full-length poles. The bivy is underneath.

It would be tidier with the ridgeline under the tarp...

...but would increase chafing of the tarp.

A simple one-pole technique.



Using shortened poles.

This is my favorite.


A lean-to.

It's fast & easy once the guy lines are on...

...and you practice a bit.

Finally, the tarp with a hammock.

Surprisingly easy to set up...

...surprisingly dry and comfortable.

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