Needham Crest Needhams of Oskaloosa, KS


Charles Fitch Needham accompanied the rest of the family to Leavenworth County, Kansas in 1868. In about 1875, he settled his own family in Oskaloosa, the county seat of Jefferson County, Kansas. His daughter Daisy May would marry into the politically powerful Roberts family, the descendants of John Wesley Roberts, the founder of the Oskaloosa Independent newspaper.

Each thumbnail photo below links to a larger photo about 40 kB large. Most of these photos come courtesy of Robert Peale Needham, a great-grandson of Charles Fitch Needham.

Needhams of Oskaloosa, KS

Charles Fitch Needham in 1922.

Claude Leroy Needham, above, at the Hotel St. Charles in San Diego.

Claude Leroy, again, now in his WWI uniform.

George Raymond Needham, above, in 1918. At right, a few years later, with unidentified woman.


Fourth from left above, Charles Oliver Needham with an unidentified gorup.

Robert Hamilton "Bert" Needham with grand-niece Sally Ann Needham in 1955.

Matriarch of the Kansas Needhams, Risa Loretta Titus Needham.

Unidentified children in photo from "D. Bowers Photograph Gallery, Oskaloosa, Kan." At right may be Charles O. Needham, Sr., making the girl his sister Helen.

The family gas station in Oskaloosa. The signs read "Ice Cold Coca-Cola Sold Here" and "Buy Tydol" (an early brand of premium gasoline).



Clockwise from back left: Luvina Lockwood Needham, Charles F. Needham, Hawley V. Needham, Kate Lowe Needham, Leonice Needham Still, Risa Titus Needham and Carrie Needham.

Photo identified as the Needhams on the trail crossing Iowa, courtesy of Rowena Southard. Missouri, having been Confederate, may not have been safe for known abolitionists.

Another, said to be the Needham wagon train in Kansas, probably near the homestead at Hoge (between Leavenworth and Tonganoxie).

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