John Breckenridge WELLS

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16 Nov 1800 - 19 Feb 1890

Father: Hasten "Hastings" WELLS
Mother: Martha "Patsey" SCHOLL

                            _John Bernett WELLS _|
                           |                     |_______________________
 _Hasten "Hastings" WELLS _|
|                          |                      _______________________
|                          |_Anne UNKNOWN _______|
|                                                |_______________________
|--John Breckenridge WELLS 
|                                                 _William SCHOLL _______+
|                           _Peter SCHOLL _______|
|                          |                     |_Leah MORGAN __________
|_Martha "Patsey" SCHOLL __|
                           |                      _Edward "Neddy" BOONE _+
                           |_Mary BOONE _________|
                                                 |_Martha BRYAN _________+

[347] "History of Clay and Platte Counties, Missouri"
National Historical Co., St. Louis, MO, 1885
p1084, "John B. Wells"
"...from Kentucky, and was born in Montgomery county, November 16, 1800.
His grandfather, John Wells, was a native of Virginia, but removed to Kentucky
at an early day. Here Hasten Wells, the father of John B., was born and reared
on a farm. The subject of this sketch lived in his native State until 1832, and there
married Miss Tabitha C. Davis, on the 12th of April, of that year... In the fall of
1833 John B. Wells and wife emigrated to Missouri and settled in Marion county,
near Palmyra, and in December, 1836, he came to what is now Platte county...
Mr. and Mrs. Wells have had a family of seven children: Leander E., John D.,
Littleton M., Laura, now Mrs. Mills; Henrietta, now Mrs. Clark; George, Frances,
Luther J., and Mittie, who married J. C. Frazier, and died in August, 1881, leaving
two children, Vernie and Regenie."

"Our Pioneer Ancestors, Volume I: The Genealogy of the Davis Family"
Ruth Hendricks DeVerter
Baytown, TX, 1957
p65: "The Benjamin Shafer Davis Family"
"Talitha Anna Davis (6/15, l8l5 - 1/3, 1901) m. John B. Wells. Talitha was
born in Montgomery County, Kentucky. This couple was married before 1857,
according to the Circuit Court Records of Montgomery County, Kentucky. Old
deeds in Montgomery County show that "Talitha Ann Davis, daughter of
Benjamin S. Davis - in 1850, was of Platte County, Missouri". No doubt she
married much before 1850 even."

[348] [S7] 1870 Census Weston Parish, Township 53, Missouri

[349] [S6] Our Pioneer Ancestors

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[351] [S9] Cemetery Records of Platte County, Missouri

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