William (Cushyn) CUSHING

1431 - BEF 11 Mar 1493

  • BIRTH: 1431, Hardingham, Norfolk, England
  • DEATH: BEF 11 Mar 1493, Hardingham, Norfolk, England
Family 1 : Emma PARNELL
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1460, Hardingham, Norfolk, England
  1. +John (Cushying) CUSHING
  2.  Robert (Cushying) CUSHING
  3.  Thomas (Cushying) CUSHING
  4.  John CUSHING
  5.  Elyne (Cushying) CUSHING
  6.  Annable (Cushying) CUSHING
  7.  Margaret (Cushying) CUSHING
  8.  Agnes CUSHING

   |  |__
|  |   __
|  |__|
|     |__
|--William (Cushyn) CUSHING 
|      __
|   __|
|  |  |__
   |   __

[813] William Cushing (Cusshyn), eldest son and heir of Thomas Cushing, was born at Hardingham and married Emma. He lived at Hingham, England. His long and explicitwill was dated 26 September, 1492, and proved in the Bishop's Court of Norwich, 11 March, 1493. In ancient deeds relating to his estates in Hardingham, Hingham, East Dereham, and other parts of the County of Norfolk, he is styled - Gentleman. His wife Emma was executrix of his will; her own, dated 16 June, 1507, was proved 26 July, 1507.

There are several conflicting items regarding William Cushing and his family that were pointed out in reference. The spelling of his wife's name Emma. In William's will the spelling of his wife's name on sevenoccurrences were Emme, not Emma which appears in reference . The will indicates only 3 daughters (Elyne, Annable and Agnes) leaving out Margaret which appears in reference. The date of the will agrees with the date given in the 1877 edition of the Genealogy but shows another date in reference.

1. TheGenealogy of the Cushing Family (An account of the Ancestors and Descendants of Matthew Cushing, who came to America in 1638) by James Cushing, The PerraultPrinting Co - Montreal, 1905. First Edition, 1877, by Lemuel Cushing, D1881 (Finished by his family) Pg 17.
2. Letter received from Leonard Cushing, 21 Old Wilton Rd., Milford, N.H.

(Cushing and associated family lines from a GEDCOM at the excellent
"Genealogy of the Cushing Family - Online Version 2003"
by Warren R. Cushing [wrcushing@yahoo.com])

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