Nathaniel CUSHING

30 Mar 1753 - 1794

  • BIRTH: 30 Mar 1753, Hingham, Plymouth, MA
  • DEATH: 1794, Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Father: Hezekiah CUSHING
Mother: Lydia JONES

Family 1 : Alice
  • MARRIAGE: 30 Jun 1774, Scituate, Plymouth, MA

                                           _John (Col) CUSHING _+
                     _Matthew B. CUSHING _|
                    |                     |_Sarah HAWKE ________+
 _Hezekiah CUSHING _|
|                   |                      _John JACOB _________+
|                   |_Deborah JACOB ______|
|                                         |_Mary RUSSELL _______
|--Nathaniel CUSHING 
|                                          _Joseph JONES _______+
|                    _Thomas JONES _______|
|                   |                     |_Patience LITTLE ____+
|_Lydia JONES ______|
                    |                      _____________________
                    |_Catherine CASWELL __|

[863] Nathaniel purchased from Philip the estate known as the 'Cushing Homestead' ofthe late Nathan Cushing, a grandson of Nathaniel.
Nathaniel and Alice settledin Scituate, MA. Nathaniel died suddenly on the road to Hanover in 1794. No record of his death has been found, other than this statement made by his descendants.

Military Service: Revolutionary War
Nathaniel was a drummer in Capt. Wm. Turner's (3 rd Scituate) Co., Col. Anthony Thomas's regt. 1775, also privatein Capt. Nathaniel Winslow's Co., Brig.-Gen. John Thomas' regt. the same year,and Sergeant in Capt. Freedone Chamberlain's Co., Col. Simeon Cary's regt. in1776.

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"History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts"
George Lincoln, et. al., Hingham, MA; 1893 pp. 158

(Cushing and associated family lines from a GEDCOM at the excellent
"Genealogy of the Cushing Family - Online Version 2003"
by Warren R. Cushing [])

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