BEF 1600 - 5 Dec 1668

  • BIRTH: BEF 1600, Sowerby, Yorkshire, England
  • DEATH: 5 Dec 1668, Dedham, Suffolk, MA
Father: George FAIRBANKS
Mother: Mary FARRER

Family 1 : Grace SMITH
  • MARRIAGE: 20 May 1617, Halifax, England
  1.  John FAIRBANKS
  2.  George FAIRBANKS
  3. +Mary FAIRBANKS
  4.  Jonas FAIRBANKS
  5. +Susan FAIRBANKS
  6.  Jonathan FAIRBANKS

                                           _Gilbert FAIRBANKE _+
                     _George FAIRBANKS ___|
                    |                     |_Jennet ____________
 _George FAIRBANKS _|
|                   |                      ____________________
|                   |_Sibyl WADE _________|
|                                         |____________________
|--Jonathan FAIRBANKS 
|                                          ____________________
|                    _Richard FARRER _____|
|                   |                     |____________________
|_Mary FARRER ______|
                    |                      ____________________
                    |_Margaret BLACKBURN _|

[5127] Ancestry of Zipporah Smith from a GEDCOM at RootsWeb by Helen S. Ullmann, CG, FASG [].

"Genealogy of the Fairbanks Family in America"
Fairbanks, Lorenzo Sayles
Boston, MA; 1897; p31

"Abstracts From the Earliest Wills on Record"
Trask, William B.
NEHGR v19, p32 (Jan 1865)
"Jonathan Farebanck. June 1, 1668."

"English Ancestry of Jonathan Fairbanks of Dedham, MA"
Clarence Almon Torrey
TAG 37: 65-72 (Apr 1961)
"Jonathan Fayrbank and Grace Smith (Warley) were married
May 20, 1617, at Halifax, Yorkshire, England. At the time of his
marriage he was probably about twenty-two years of age, hence
born in or about 1595. His ancestry has long been sought."
[Note that some sources are skeptical of the exact solution presented by
Torrey. All discussions seem to agree on this Halifax line in general, but
differ in details. Sadly, I have found no single, comprehensive criticism.]

"Genealogy, descendants of William and Dorcas Fallass"
Alexander, Lura F.
L.F. Alexander; Kansas City, MO; 1929
"JONATHAN FAIRBANKS, b. before 1600, came from Sowerby, in the West
Riding of Yorkshire, England, to New England in 1633; d. 5 Dec., 1668.
He m. 20 May, 1617, Grace Smith of Warley, in Halifax Parish. She d. in
1678. He settled in Dedham, Mass., building in 1636 the house which is
said to be the oldest inhabited dwelling house in the U.S."

"Colonial Families of the United States of America"
Mackenzie, George Norbury
Baltimore, MD; 1912; v2, p255.
"Jonathan Fairebanke came from Sowerby Bridge in the West Riding
of Yorkshire, England to New England in 1633; d. 5th Dec. 1668."

"Pioneers of Massachusetts"
Pope, Charles Henry
Boston, MA; 1900
23 (1) 1636-7, adm. chh. 14 (6) 1646. Town officer. Wife Grace; ch. John, George,
Jonas, Jonathan; Mary adm. chh. 11 (10) 1640 ,(m. 1, Michael Metcalf, 2, Christopher
Smith,) Susan, (m. 12 (8) 1647, Ralph Day). He d. 5 Dec. 1668; his will prob. Jan. 26,
folg., mentions all the above-named and some of their children. The widow d. 28 (10) 1673.
[Reg.XIX, 32.] See will of George Fairbanke of Sowerby in Halifax, Eng., dated
May 28, 1650. [Reg. VII, 303.]."

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England"
James Savage
Pub. Boston, 1860-1862
Repub. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1998
v2, p136: "FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN, Dedham, the progenit. I presume, of all this
fam. name now in N. E. came with w. Grace and prob. all his six ch. bef. 1641,
d. 5 Dec. 1668. His will of 1 June in that yr. pro. 26 Jan. foll. provides for or ment.
w. Grace, eldest s. John; sec. George; Mary, w. of Christopher Smith; third s.
Jonas; and Jonathan, the youngest; Sarah, eldest d. of s. John; s.-in-law Ralph
Day, and ea. of the four ch. he had by my d. Susan, his late w. and largest portion
to s. John. He was prob. from the W. riding of Yorksh. as the will of his uncle George
calls him of Sowerby in that part of Eng."

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"FAIRBANKS, Jonathan (1629-1665) & Grace SMITH; ?Warley, in Eng, 20 May 1617;
Halifax, Eng; Dedham"
[Note that Jonathan cannot have been born in 1629; perhaps his son Jonathan was.]

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