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Father: Richard FARRER
Mother: Margaret BLACKBURN

Family 1 : George FAIRBANKS
  1. +Jonathan FAIRBANKS
  2.  Mary FAIRBANKS
  3.  Ester FAIRBANKS

                      |  |__
 _Richard FARRER _____|
|                     |   __
|                     |__|
|                        |__
|--Mary FARRER 
|                         __
|                      __|
|                     |  |__
|_Margaret BLACKBURN _|
                      |   __

[5143] "English Ancestry of Jonathan Fairbanks of Dedham, MA"
Clarence Almon Torrey
TAG 37: 65-72 (Apr 1961)
"Mary Farrer, the wife of George Fairbank, was a daughter of Richard and Margaret
(Blackburn) Farrer of Erringden. She was mentioned in her father's will, April 7, 1610."

"Notes on Families of the Parish of Halifax, Yorksire"
Hunt, John G.
TAG 40:22-29 (Jan 1964)
"Marie [Mary] Farrer, daughter of Richard, married George Fairbank as shown by Mr. Torrey
in his Fairbank article, TAG, supra, 37:71. Her license to marry was dated 1593. This
raises the question whether she was the Marye Farrer, daughter of Richard of Warley, who
was baptized in 1581 [Halifax Pariah Register], since that Mary would have been but twelve
years old in 1593. It is to be noted that Warley lands were held by Richard's grandfather,
Henry Ferrar. It is possible that Mary did marry at 12; it is also possible that Richard
had an older daughter named Mary who married George Fairbank, since occasionally two
living children received the same name. It is doubted that Mary's son, Jonathan Fairbank.
was born much if any before 1598."

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