ABT 1505 - 4 Mar 1577

  • BIRTH: ABT 1505, Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
  • DEATH: 4 Mar 1577, Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
  • BURIAL: 4 Mar 1578, Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Father: John FAIRBANKE
Mother: Margaret

Family 1 : Jennet
  • MARRIAGE: 1529, Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
  1. +George FAIRBANKS
  2.  William FAIRBANK
  3.  Johanna FAIRBANKE
  4.  John FAIRBANKE
  5.  Michael FAYRBANKE
  6.  Hugh FAIRBANKS
  7.  Dorothy FAIRBANKS
  8.  Agnes FAIRBANK
  9.  Elizabeth FAIRBANK
  10.  Edward FAIRBANK

                   _William FAIRBANKE _|
                  |                    |__
|                 |                     __
|                 |____________________|
|                                      |__
|--Gilbert FAIRBANKE 
|                                       __
|                  ____________________|
|                 |                    |__
|_Margaret _______|
                  |                     __

[559] (Shattuck and associated family lines from a GEDCOM file posted to RootsWeb by Robert Wylie []).

"English Ancestry of Jonathan Fairbanks of Dedham, MA"
Clarence Almon Torrey
TAG 37: 65-72 (Apr 1961)
"Gilbert Fairbanke, son of John, born about 1505, died March 3, 1577/8...
Gilbert Fairbanke (John, William) made his will on his death bed, March
4, 1577/8, and was buried the same day. An abstract of the will, which
was proved April 16, 1578, is as follows: Gilbert Fairbanke of township
of Sowerbie in diocese of York. To be buried in church or churchyard at
Hallifax. My wife Jennett Fairbanke to have third part of my lands and
goods according to custom of the country. One stott I have to be sold,
price to be bestowed on sheep and these for the children of my children
William, John, Hugh Fairbanke and Agnes Harryson and to the use of that
child my daughter Elizabeth Brathwet is conceived with as they come of
age. Sheep in the meantime to be ordered by George Fairbanke and Edward
Fairbanke my sons. Rest of goods to my children unprovided for."

"Colonial Families of the United States of America"
Mackenzie, George Norbury
Baltimore, MD; 1912
v2 p255: "Gilbert, b. circa 1505; d. 3d MAr. 1577-8. In 1569, 11th, Elizabeth, Gilbert
Fairebanke would not pay the stipend of the minister or curate of the chapel. m.
(firstly) Cibella Waide; m. (secondly) Jennet (surname unknown)."
[Sybil Wade was the wife of Gilbert's son George, not of Gilbert.]

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