William DODGE

1640 - 24 Mar 1719

  • BIRTH: 1640, Beverly, Essex, MA
  • BAPTISM: 19 Aug 1640, Salem, Essex, MA
  • DEATH: 24 Mar 1719, Beverly, Essex, MA
Father: William DODGE
Mother: Elizabeth

Family 1 : Mary CONANT
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1663

Family 2 : Joanna HALE
  • MARRIAGE: 26 May 1685, Beverly, Essex, MA

Family 3 : Mary CREATTY
  • MARRIAGE: 1698, Beverly, Essex, MA

                  _John DODGE _|
                 |             |__
 _William DODGE _|
|                |              __
|                |_Margery ____|
|                              |__
|--William DODGE 
|                               __
|                 _____________|
|                |             |__
|_Elizabeth _____|
                 |              __

[5077] Vital Records of Salem, Mass. to the End of Year 1849
Published by The Essex Institute
Salem, Mass., 1916
"William, s. -----, bp. 19: 7m: 1640, CR1"

"Vital Records of Beverely, Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849"
Vital Records of Massachusetts Towns to 1850
New England Historic Genealogy Society
Death: "DODGE, William, Capt., Mar. 24, 1719-20, a. abt. 80 y."

"The Dodge Family of Essex County, Mass."
Joseph Thompson Dodge
NEHGR v46 p383 (Oct 1892)
"Capt. William Dodge (William), born 1640; died 1720. Lived in Beverly, was a
maltster. Inherited his father's homestead... In 1675 he was engaged against tbe
Narragansetts, and acquired distinction for courage and skill. Hubbard, in his
narrative, gives a particular account of his bravery and success. In this expedition,
Josiah Dodge, perhaps brother of Capt. William, Peter Woodberry and John Balch,
were killed at Muddy Brook, under Capt. Lathrop... He married 1st, Mary (Conant),
widow of John Balch (drowned). He married 2d, 20th May. 1685, widow Joanna
Larkin, daughter of Robert Hale of Charlestown, who died 18th August, 1694, aged 47.
He married 3d, in 1698, Mary Creatty, who died about 1st February, 1701-2. Her will
being dated 23d January, 1701-2."

"Genealogy of the Dodge Family of Essex County, Massachusetts"
Joseph Thompson Dodge
Madison, WI, 1894
(The book form of the above NEHGR article. William is treated on page 18.)

"Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines"
Mary Walton Ferris
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Cuneo Press, 1931
Vol. 2, pp. 323-328
"...one W. Dodge of Salem, riding in Company with another Friend, they happened to meet
with two Indians. The said Dodge, being better horsed than his Friend, made after the
foremost, leaving his Friend to deal with the hindmost; but his [the friend's] Pistol
missed firing; whereupon the Indian taking him by the Leg turn'd him off his Horse, and
getting upon him was about killing him with his Knife, which W. Dodge by chance espied,
and came time enough to rescue his Friend, and dispatch the Indian lying upon him, and yet
overtook the first Indian he was Pursuing, time enough to do his Business also: by that
Means he did three good Offices at once, saved the life of one Friend, and slew two of his

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England"
James Savage
Pub. Boston, 1860-1862
Repub. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1998
v2 pp56-58: "WILLIAM, Beverly, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Roger Conant, as in the
Will of Conant appears; but she had been wid. of John Balch, had William, b. 20 Mar. 1664;
Mary, 26 May 1666; Joshua, 29 Aug. 1669; Hannah, 9 July 1671; Elizabeth 26 Oct. 1673; and
Sarah, 3 Mar. 1678. He m. 6 May 1685, Joanna, d. of Robert Hale, wid. of John Larkin of
Charlestown, as sec. w. had Robert and Rebecca, tw. 9 Oct. 1686, of wh. Rebecca d. 22 June
foll. but Robert liv. over 77 yrs. Third w. 1698, Mary, was wid. of capt. Andrew Creatty
of Marblehead. He gain. reput. in Ind. wars; was freem. 1683, rep. 1690. Of eight of this
name, wh. had in 1834 been gr. at Harv. Daniel, 1700 is the first; and ten more are in the
other N. E. coll."

"New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"DODGE, William (1640-1720) & 1/wf Mary (CONANT) [BALCH], w John; abt. 1663; Beverly"
"DODGE, William (1640-1720) & 2/wf Joanna (HALE) LARKIN (-1693, ae abt. 47), w John;
26 May 1685, m. cont. 25 May 1685; Beverly"
"DODGE, William (1640-1720) & 3/wf Mary (_____) CREATTY (-1702?), w Andrew; 26 Apr 1698,
27 Oct 1698; Marblehead/ Charlestown"

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