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Sedan was the destination for the 55 mile ride on Day 6. We're headed around and onto US 166, a surviving spur of old Route 66, which we will ride a little later. Lunch was in Cedar Vale in an externally unassuming park pavilion. The inner construction turns out to be all hand-worked bowed timbers, though. Nearby is one of several concrete arch bridges that date back to the original Route 66. The citizens of Sedan turned out in strength to welcome us to their charming little town.

My complete GPS-mapped ride report for BAK Day 6 can be read at Garmin Connect.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.


US166 out of Ark City, our first encounter with old Route 66.


I have a professional interest in Kansas helium supplies!




Trees! Where did those suddenly come from?






Unassuming Cedar Vale park pavillion from the outside...

...has bowed-timber construction on the inside.


One of many arched concrete bidges to be found along Route 66.



Sunflower SAG stop.






Coffee shop in Sedan.



The velomobiles and friends in Sedan.



A doctor's buggy converted to internal combustion by a local.



Entertainment in downtown Sedan.


The Emmett Kelly museum, which I didn't have time to visit.


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