ABT 1630 - ____

Father: William STRODE
Mother: Joan BARNETT

Family 1 : Joan GUNNING
  1. +Edward STRODE

                  |  |__
 _William STRODE _|
|                 |   __
|                 |__|
|                    |__
|--Edward STRODE 
|                     __
|                  __|
|                 |  |__
|_Joan BARNETT ___|
                  |   __

[658] The early generations of the Stroud family listed here should be treated
with caution. The family's link to the Strodes of the regicide is widely quoted,
but the authenticity of the sources is not yet clear to me.

"Strode Family"
Vic Legerton [vnl@vnla.com]
"Edward Strode was born in 1630 at Barrington, Somerset, England, the son of
William Strode and Joan Barnard. He married Joan Gunning in 1658 at Bristol,
Gloucester, England." Lists 11 children, only 7 of which survive infancy.
[Legerton appears to be quoting some other source on this page, but that source
is not cited. It suggests that the line of descent includes two Edwards, the son
and grandson of William. This makes more sense than Lainson's listing of a
single Edward in her "Strode-Stroud Supplement".]

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