Abraham SCHOLL


15 Dec 1765 - ABT 1851

Father: William SCHOLL
Mother: Leah MORGAN

                   _Jacob SCHOLL _|
                  |               |__
 _William SCHOLL _|
|                 |                __
|                 |_Jane MORGAN __|
|                                 |__
|--Abraham SCHOLL 
|                                  __
|                  _______________|
|                 |               |__
|_Leah MORGAN ____|
                  |                __

[428] "The Jess M. Thompson Pike County History"
Thompson, Jess M.
Pittsfield, IL; Pike County Historical Society; 1967
Chapter 41: "With William and Leah (Morgan) Scholl, coming out to Kentucky with Boone in 1779,
came eight of the ten (or eleven) children who had been born to them... Abraham Scholl, who
married, first, Nellie Humble (or Umble), and second, December 15, 1803, Tabitha Noe, and who,
with his second wife, and 12 children of the second family and one of the first, settled in
Pike county in 1825."
Chapter 45: "No record has been found of Abraham Scholl's first marriage; when his marriage to
Nellie Humble occurred is unknown. The first child of record of this marriage was born in 1788,
this being the boy Morgan, who came to Pike county with his father in 1825. Most of the Scholl
family historians say there were six children born of this first marriage and twelve of the

[429] [S6] Our Pioneer Ancestors

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