____ - ____

Father: James MATTHEWS
Mother: Hannah STRONG

Family 1 : Mary STRONG

                                       _Peter MATTHEWS _____
                   _Vincent MATTHEWS _|
                  |                   |_Bridget ____________
 _James MATTHEWS _|
|                 |                    _Johannes ABEEL _____+
|                 |_Catalina ABEEL ___|
|                                     |_Catharina SCHUYLER _+
|--Selah MATTHEWS 
|                                      _Selah STRONG _______+
|                  _Selah STRONG Jr___|
|                 |                   |_Abigail TERRY ______+
|_Hannah STRONG __|
                  |                    _Nathaniel WOODHULL _+
                  |_Hannah WOODHULL __|
                                      |_Sarah SMITH ________+

[421] "Genealogy of the Matthews Family"
Previously unpublished, undated family memoir
William Fletcher Lowe
"Settled in Tioga Co. The place became known as Matthewsville".

"History of Seven Counties, Presented by the Elmira Weekly Gazette"
Gazette Company, Elmira, NY, 1885
Original taxpayers of "New Town" in 1794 (made "Elmira in 1808)
includes Cornelius Lowe, Jr., Selah Mathews, and Vincent Mathews.

"Woodhull Genealogy: The Woodhull Family in England and America",
Mary Gould Woodhull and Frances Bowes Stevens,
Henry T. Coates & Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1904
"Nathaniel Strong, (Major), born November 18, 1737; married Amy Brewster. They had six children:
Rachel Strong, married Charles Howell; Selah Strong (3rd,), married Ruth, daughter of Captain
Ebenezer Woodhull; Mary Strong, married her cousin, Selah Matthews; Hannah Strong, married Captain
Joshua Brown; Nathaniel Strong, married Esther Howell, of Blooming Grove, New York; Juliana Strong,
married in the year 1774, Captain Vincent Mathews."

"The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island"
Frederick Kinsman Smith
Smithtown Historical Society, Smithtown, NY, 1967
"Nathaniel (Major), b. 18 Nov 1737, d. 6 Nov 1778, married Amy Brewster, born about 1741,
daughter of John and Charity (Goldsmith) Brewster. Children (Strong - 2 sons, 4 daughters):
(iv) Mary, married her cousin, Selah Mathews, son of James and Hannah (Strong) Mathews."

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