23 Oct 1680 - 8 Apr 1732

  • BIRTH: 23 Oct 1680, Setauket, Suffolk, Long Island, NY [2931]
  • DEATH: 8 Apr 1732, Setauket, Suffolk, Long Island, NY [2932]
Father: Thomas STRONG
Mother: Rachel HOLTON

Family 1 : Abigail TERRY
  • MARRIAGE: 23 Jun 1702
  1.  Rachel STRONG
  2.  Abigail STRONG
  3.  Thomas STRONG
  4.  Hannah STRONG
  5. +Selah STRONG Jr
  6. +Benajah STRONG
  7.  Joseph STRONG
  8.  Mary STRONG
  9.  Benjamin STRONG
  10.  Anna STRONG

                                    _John STRONGE __________+
                  _John STRONG ____|
                 |                 |________________________
 _Thomas STRONG _|
|                |                  _Thomas FORD ___________
|                |_Abigail FORD ___|
|                                  |_Elizabeth Chard COOKE _
|--Selah STRONG 
|                                   ________________________
|                 _William HOLTON _|
|                |                 |________________________
|_Rachel HOLTON _|
                 |                  ________________________
                 |_Mary WINCHE ____|

[2933] "A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers
of New England, Before 1692"
James Savage, Boston, MA, 1860-1862, pp. 224-228, 455-456
"Rachel m. 1671, Thomas Strong"

Cornell Library New York State Historical Literature Collection
"Abstract of Wills on File in the Surrogate's Office,
City of New York (Volume III. 1730-1744)"
Died intestate; executorship granted to his wife Abigail, 01 Apr 1732.

"Ancestors of James Wickham and His Wife Cora Prudence Billard"
Josephine C. Frost
Brooklyn, N.Y.,1935, p57
"Rachel Holton, daughter of William and Mary Holton, married in
Northampton, Mass., October 10, 1671, as his second wife, Thomas Strong,
who died October 3, 1689. On May 16, 1698, she married second, Nathan
Bradley of East Guilford, Conn."

"Biography and Reminiscences of the Hon. Selah B. Strong"
Charles B. Moore
NYGBR v4 p49 (Apr 1873)
"...Thomas was the eldest son of Selah Strong, (third generation,) the first
of that name, and Abigail Terry, his wife, of Southold, LI; which Selah, the
first, was a younger son of Thomas Strong, (second generation,) of Northampton,
and Rachel Holton, his second wife...His great-great-grandmother, Abigail,
daughter of Thomas Terry, of Southold, LI, I think, was of a family no less
remarkable that any of the others, although its history is not so much in print
and not much known."

For details of the Strong famlily, see:
Strong Family Association of America

"Long Island Genealogy"

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"STRONG, Thomas (?1637-1689) & 1/wf Mary HUIT/HEWETT (1640-1670/1); 5 Dec 1660; Windsor, CT"
"STRONG, Thomas (-1689) & Rachel HOLTON, m/2 Nathan BRADLEY 1698; 10 Oct 1671;
Northampton/Windsor, CT"

[2934] Strong line from a GEDCOM posted to Rootsweb by Michael Dolan [].

[2935] [S212] History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong

[2931] [S212] History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong

[2932] [S212] History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong

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