Samuel COOK

ABT 1671 - ____

  • BIRTH: ABT 1671, Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Father: John COOK
Mother: Mary BORDEN

                                  _Thomas Butcher COOKE _
                _Thomas COOK ____|
               |                 |_Joanna _______________
 _John COOK ___|
|              |                  _______________________
|              |_Mary ___________|
|                                |_______________________
|--Samuel COOK 
|                                 _Matthew BORDEN _______
|               _Richard BORDEN _|
|              |                 |_Joan _________________
|_Mary BORDEN _|
               |                  _Richard FOWLE ________
               |_Joane FOWLE ____|
                                 |_Mary FILKES __________

[4604] Non compos mentis from childhood.

"Thomas Cooke of Rhode Island"
Jane Fletcher Fiske
Boxford, MA, 1987; p67
"SAMUEL, b. probably ca. 1674, d. after 1705. He was mentally incompetent and under the
care of his brother Joseph, who was allowed 100 by order of the Superior Court at Bristol in
1701 for having maintained him for "ye space of tenn years", this amount to be raised from
the profits of Samuel's land in Tiverton, "he being an Idiott and not able to provide for himself."
His father had left him the 19th Great Lot there, but with the restriction that he was not to have
the disposal of it himself."

"The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island"
John Osborne Austin
Joel Munsell's Sons, Albany, NY: 1887; pp. 23-24; pp. 282-285

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