1588 - 24 Sep 1662

  • BIRTH: 1588, Taunton, Somerset, England [1041]
  • EMIGRATION: ABT 1635, Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
  • DEATH: 24 Sep 1662, Lancaster, Worcester, MA [1042]
Father: John WHETCOMB
Mother: Ann HARPER

Family 1 : Frances COGGAN
  • MARRIAGE: 26 Nov 1623, Taunton, Somerset, England [5658]
  1.  Catherine WHITCOMB
  2.  John WHITCOMB
  3.  Jonathan WHITCOMB
  4. +Robert WHITCOMB
  5.  James WHITCOMB
  6.  Job WHITCOMB
  7.  Josiah WHITCOMB
  8.  Abigail WHITCOMB
  9.  Mary WHITCOMB

                 |                |__
 _John WHETCOMB _|
|                |                 __
|                |________________|
|                                 |__
|                                  __
|                 _John HARPER ___|
|                |                |__
|_Ann HARPER ____|
                 |                 __
                 |_Frances SMYTH _|

[1043] Whitcomb and associated lines from a GEDCOM file posted to RootsWeb by

"Genealogical Research in England: Whitcomb"
French, Elizabeth; Bartlett, J. Gardner
NEHGR v68 pp63-64 (Jan 1914)
"From the Registers of St. Mary's Parish, Taunton, co. Somerset:
1623: John Whetcomb and Frances Coggan married 26 November."

"Early Cogans English and American"
McCracken, George E.
NEHGR v111 pp168-173 (Jul 1957)
"Frances Coggan, tenth child of Henry Cogan by his wife Joane Boridge, was baptized at the
Church of St. Mary Magdalen, Taunton, co. Somerset, 24 Feb. 1605/6, and was the youngest
daughter mentioned in her father's will. She married at the same church, 26 Nov. 1623,
John Whetcomb or Whitcomb, and came with him to America, sometime between 1634 and 1638,
with as many of their children as had already been born (at least five). They were first
in Dorchester, then in Scituate, finally settling, among the founders, in Lancaster, Mass.
John died there 24 Sept. 1662, aged ca. 74; Frances, 17 May 1671."

"The Whitcomb Family in America"
Charlotte Whitcomb
Minneapolis, MN; 1904; pp25-34
"John Whitcomb (or Whetcombe as the name was spelled) is believed to have been the first
of the Whitcomb family to settle permananetly in America... After some thirty years of
this primitive life in the Colony, eight of it spent in Lancaster, the aged Puritan John
Whetcombe, met "the inevitable hour," September 24, 1662, and died aged about seventy-four
years. He was laid with other forefathers of the hamlet in "the old burying ground," but
today no fragment of even a battered stone marks his resting place... He was married in
England to Frances ----, family name unknown, and in England his older children were born.
He had certainly five sons, perhaps six, and three daughters. There are no records of
births, but in wills and other documents the children's names have been found. He died
intestate and the widow and children mutually agreed upon a division of the property which
was approved by the court. Frances made her will May 12, 1671, and died at Lancaster May
17, 1671. She named her youngest daughter, Mary, as executrix."

"The Scott Genealogy"
Mary Lovering Holman
Boston, MA; 1919; pp. 254-257

"History of Scituate, Massachusetts"
Samuel Deane
Boston, MA; James Loring: 1831
p380: "John Whitcomb we suppose to have come from Dorchester, in Dorset, England... He was
in Dorchester as early as 1633, was a member of the church 1638. In 1640 he appears in
Scituate, when he possessed a farm... In 1654, he removed to Lancaster... He died at
Lancaster, Sept. 24, 1662."

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England"
James Savage
Pub. Boston, 1860-1862
Repub. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1998
v4 pp507-508: "Whitcomb, John, Dorchester 1635, had fam. bef. com. from Eng. rem. bef.
1644 to Scituate, where his d. Catharine m. Rhodolphus Ellms that yr. was freem. of the
Plymouth col. 3 June 1652, soon after rem. to Lancaster, had five. s. besides ds.
Catharine, Abigail, and Mary, wid. Frances, s. John, Jonathan, Job, and Josiah, made the
youngest d. Mary extrix. As one s. Robert and d. Catharine do not find place in that
instrum. they were prob. provid. for at earlier day. He d. at L. 24 Sept. 1662, and his
wid. made her will. 12 May 1671, and d. five days after. It names the three ds. and
remembers five s."

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"WHITCOMB, John (-1662) & Frances COGGAN (-1671); St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Eng,
26 Nov 1623; Hingham/Scituate/Lexington"

[1041] [S43] The Whitcomb Family In Anmerica; Charlotte Whitcomb; 1904; p. 34

[1042] [S44] The Whitcomb Family In America; Charlotte Whitcomb; 1904; p. 34

[5658] [S81] alan Benson; 220 W. Jersey St., #2L; Elizabeth, NJ 07202

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