ABT 1558 - 1648

  • BIRTH: ABT 1558, London, Middlesex, England [1060]
  • DEATH: 1648, Sherbourne, Dorset, England [1061]
Family 1 : Ann HARPER
  1. +John WHITCOMB
  2.  Thomas WHITCOMB
  3.  Robert WHITCOMB
  4.  Frances WHITCOMB
  5.  Anne WHITCOMB
  6.  Elizabeth WHITCOMB
  7.  Dorothy WHITCOMB
  8.  Sarah WHITCOMB

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|      __
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[1062] Whitcomb and associated lines from a GEDCOM file posted to RootsWeb by

The identification of John Whitcomb and Ann Harper as the parents of the immigrant
John Whitcomb is by no means certain. I include it here to since it seems the most
probable, but will not include any further speculative ancient English ancestry.

"Whitcomb, John (a1588 - 1662) of Lancaster, MA"
Burton W. Spear, ed.
"Search for the Passengers of the Mary & John", v18, pp150-152
Mary & John Clearing House; Toledo, OH; 1992
"There was an alleged ancestry for John Whitcomb printed in 'The Whitcomb Family
in America', by Charlotte Whitcomb, 1904. This pedigree says his father was John
Whetcombe of Cheveton, Whitcomb, Somerset. The accuracy of this ancestry, based
on visitation charts, is not known."

"New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial"
William Richard Cutter
Lewis Historical Publishing; New York; 1914
v3, p1317: "John Whitcomb, the immigrant ancestor, was undoubtedly of English birth, and
the name was originally spelled Whetcombe. He was for a long time supposed to be the son
of Symon Whetcombe, who was one of the original patentees of the old Massachusetts Bay
colony, but the publication of the will of John Whetcombe, of Sherbourne, Dorsetshire,
England, probated in 1598, shows that Symon was then a minor, and that he could not have
been the father of the American progenitor, who was born about 1588. Some authorities
believe that the Ameriqan John was brother of Symon, and the John Whetcombe mentioned in
the will of Symon's father."

"The Whitcomb Family in America"
Charlotte Whitcomb
Minneapolis, MN; 1904; p21
(One possible English family tree, presuming the immigrant John to be the son of John and
Ann, is shown on page 21. John the immigrant's parents are "John Whetcomb of London,
Gent., 3 sons living 1632" and "Anne, daughter of John Harper of London, Gent.". The tree
is from the "Visitations of London: Vol. I, 1633-34-35" of the Harleian Society.)

[1060] [S51] Alan Benson; 220 W. Jersey St., #L2; Elizabeth, NJ 07202

[1061] [S40] FHC AF, ver. 4.15, 1995

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