ABT 1629 - 25 Dec 1704

  • BIRTH: ABT 1629, Taunton, Somerset, England [1028]
  • BAPTISM: 20 Dec 1629, Taunton, Somerset, England
  • DEATH: 25 Dec 1704, Scituate, Plymouth, MA [1029]
Father: John WHITCOMB
Mother: Frances COGGAN

Family 1 : Mary CUDWORTH
  1.  Israel WHITCOMB
  2.  Robert WHITCOMB
  3. +James WHITCOMB
  4.  Mary WHITCOMB
  5.  Elizabeth WHITCOMB

                   _John WHETCOMB _|
                  |                |__________________
 _John WHITCOMB __|
|                 |                 _John HARPER _____
|                 |_Ann HARPER ____|
|                                  |_Frances SMYTH ___
|--Robert WHITCOMB 
|                                   _Henry COGAN _____
|                  _Henry COGAN ___|
|                 |                |_Elizabeth CARYE _
|_Frances COGGAN _|
                  |                 __________________
                  |_Joan BORIDGE __|

[1030] Whitcomb and associated lines from a GEDCOM file posted to RootsWeb by

"Vital Records of Scituate, Massachusetts to the Year 1850"
New England Historic Genealogical Society
Boston, MA.,1909
Death: "1704; Whetcomb, Robert, Dec. 25, 1704."

"Genealogical Research in England: Whitcomb"
French, Elizabeth; Bartlett, J. Gardner
NEHGR v68 pp63-64 (Jan 1914)
"From the Registers of St. Jame's Parish, Taunton, co. Somerset:
Baptisms, 1626-1637: 1629: Robert son of John Whitcombe 20 December."

"The Whitcomb Family in America"
Charlotte Whitcomb
Minneapolis, MN; 1904; pp49-50
"Robert Whitcomb, (John). When in 1654 John removed his family from Scituate, Mass., to
Lancaster, Mass., Robert remained behind... sympathized with the Quakers and possibly his
inclinations led him to remain with these friends rather than to accompany his Puritan
relatives to Lancaster. It is certain that six years later he was married by a Quaker
preacher in Rhode Island to Mary (born July 23, 1637), daughter of Gen. James Cudworth,
but this marriage being pronounced unlawful he was remarried by a Puritan preacher, March
9, 1660. Robert Whitcombe was the first to settle at "Beechwood" in the Beeches, the
family place at Scituate where several generations of Whitcombes have resided. He seems to
have died intestate and there is no record of his children except in the will of Gen.
James Cudworth, who left legacies to four grandchildren. Another child, Elizabeth, is
named elsewhere. Dates of the death of Robert and his wife are unknown at this writing (1903)."

"The Scott Genealogy"
Mary Lovering Holman
Boston, MA; 1919; pp. 254-257
"He evidently sympathised warmly with the suffering of the persecuted Quakers, like his
brother-in-law, Rodolphus Elmes, and like James Cudworth, whose daughter he was soon to
many. The Court records show that Robert and Mary (Cudworth) Wnitcomb were married by a
Quaker preacher in Rhode Island, and the marriage was deemed illegal by the Court and they
were ordered to be remarried by a Puritan minister, which was done 9 Mar. 1660. Officers
were appointed by the Court to apprehend the Quaker preacher, "Henry Hobson of Road Island
and to take securities for his appearance at the Court at Plymouth to answer for his
derision of authoritie in counterfeiting the solemnising of the marriage of Robert Whetcom
and Mary Cudworth"."

"History of Scituate, Massachusetts"
Samuel Deane
Boston, MA; James Loring: 1831
p381: "Robert remained at Scituate. He was the first of the family that settled in 'the
beaches' or beach woods, where several generations of his posterity have resided. He
married Mary, the daughter of Gen. James Cudworth 1660. There is no record of his
children; but we observe in Gen. Cudworth's will, that legacies are given 'to grand
children Israel, Robert, James, and Mary Whitcombe.' There was another daughter, born
probably after Gen. Cudworth's decease, viz. Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Lincoln of Hingham

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England"
James Savage
Pub. Boston, 1860-1862
Repub. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1998
v4 pp507-508: "Whitcomb, Robert, Scituate, s. of John of the same, m. 1660, Mary, d. of
James Cudworth, had eldest s. Israel, perhaps other ch. beside Robert, James, Mary, and
Elizabeth rem. to Cohasset."

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"WHITCOMB, Robert (1629-1671+) & [1]/wf Mary CUDWORTH (1617, 1637/bef 1682); 1659 Quaker
ceremony, 9 Mar 1660; Hingham/Scituate/Cohasset"
"WHITCOMB, Robert (1629-) & 2/wf Mary _____; Scituate"

[1028] [S37] Barb Marshall; 1250 Loryn Ln.; Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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