Richard KIRBY

BEF 1638 - ABT 1720

  • BIRTH: BEF 1638
  • DEATH: ABT 1720
Father: Richard KIRBY
Mother: Jane

Family 1 : Patience GIFFORD
  • MARRIAGE: 9 Oct 1665, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA

Family 2 : Abigail
  • MARRIAGE: 2 Dec 1678, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA

                 |  |__
 _Richard KIRBY _|
|                |   __
|                |__|
|                   |__
|--Richard KIRBY 
|                    __
|                 __|
|                |  |__
|_Jane __________|
                 |   __

[4644] "Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records 1687-1745"
H.L. Peter Rounds, in:
Massachusetts Town, Probate and Vital Records CD-ROM
Broderbund, 1999, Vol. 4, p. 91
"Ratification of earlier agrmt. abt. settl. of Est. of RICHARD KERBY of Dart., "somtime more yn Ninteen
years since Died Intestate," said agrmt. having been btwn. Richard's chldn: Richard & Recompense
Kerby; Sarah Allen & Ruhamath Smith (both of Dart. & both widows) & Jane Leander of Sandwich (now
dcd.), dtd. 21 July 1707, recorded 9 Oct. 1722. Witns: Henery Howland & Samuel Marehu [4:119]."
"Accept, of settl. of Est. of RICHARD KERBY of Dart. by his grchldn: Tabatha Waite, Deborah Leander,
Sarah Leander & Joseph Leander, chldn. of Jane Leander late of Sandwich dcd., dtd. 9 Oct. 1707,
29 March 1708 & 31 March 1708. Witns; Joseph Tripp & John Tripp; John Lapham, Jr. & Judah Smith;
William Soule & Samuel Merehou [4:120]."

"The Kirbys of New England",
Melatiah Everett Dwight,
The Trow Print, New York, 1898, pp 229-238
"Richard Kirby (Richard), born probably before 1638, since he should have been of age in 1658,
when he refused to take the oath of fidelity... Richard Kirby, Jr., was married, Oct. 9, 1665,
to Patience, daughter of William Gifford of Sandwich, Mass. He afterward removed to Dartmouth,
Mass. His wife Patience died some time after May 20, 1674, and he married (2), Dec. 2, 1678,
Abigail, widow of Zoeth Howland, son of Henry Howland of Duxbury, who had been killed by the
Indians at Pocasset, March 26, 1676, leaving nine children. There is no record of any child by
this second marriage; yet, inasmuch as he mentions in his will " my granddaughter Remember Potter,"
it may be that he had one child, a daughter, by his second wife, who married a Potter. His will is
dated Jan. 30, 1707-8, and was probated April 4, 1720. It is assumed, therefore, that he died in
1720. Since his wife Abigail is not mentioned in his will, it is probable that she died before 1708."

"Genealogy of the Cornell Family"
Cornell, John
Press of T.A. Wright, New York, 1902, p392
"RICHARD KIRBY of Dartmouth, Mass., embraced the principles of the Society of Friends and
suffered at Sandwich, Mass., together with his father during the persecution, 1658-60. Some time
after 1660, he removed to Dartmouth, Mass, where he died. His will was dated Jan. 30, 1708, and
was proved April 4, 1720. He m. (1) Patience Gifford, Oct. 9, 1665, daughUter of William Gifford of
Sandwich, Mass., who died before Dec 2, 1678, when he m. (2) Abigail, widow of Zoeth Howland,
who died before 1708. By his first wife he had two sons: John and Robert."

"Certain Comeoverers"
Crapo, Henry Howland
New Bedford, Mass.: E. Anthony & Sons, 1912; p146
"It may have been the charms of Abigail, or her estate, - it surely could not have been her "many male
children" - which caused Richard Kirby to marry the widow December 2,1678. He was the son of the Richard Kirby..."

"New England Marriages Prior To 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey,
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"KIRBY, Richard (-1720) & 1/wf Patience GIFFORD; 9 Oct 1665; Sandwich/Dartmouth"
"KIRBY, Richard (-1720), Dartmouth & 2/wf? Abigail (_____) HOWLAND (-1708), Dartmouth, w Zoeth; 2 Nov 1678, 2 Dec? "
"HOWLAND, Zoeth (-1676) & Abigail _____, m/2 Richard KIRBY; Dec 1656"

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