____ - BEF 1708

  • DEATH: BEF 1708
Family 1 : Zoeth HOWLAND
  • MARRIAGE: Dec 1656
  1. +Henry HOWLAND
  2.  Abigail HOWLAND
Family 2 : Richard KIRBY
  • MARRIAGE: 2 Dec 1678, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA

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[4640] "The Howlands In America"
William Howland
The Pilgrim John Howland Society
Detroit, MI: 1939

"Henry Howland of Duxbury, Massachusetts"
Robert S. Wakefield, Robert M. Sherman
NGSQ, v75, pp105-116 (Jun 1987)
"Zoeth or Zoar Howland (Henry) was killed by Indians in King Philip's War at Pocaset (in
Tiverton, now in Rhode Island) on 31 March 1676. He was said to be "of Dartmouth" when he
married, in the tenth month [December] 1656, to Abigail [-----]. His wife died before 30
January 1707/08 (according to her second husband's will). Abigail married second to
Richard Kirby (also his second marriage) "at the house of Robert Malins in Newport," Rhode
Island, on 9m [November] 1678. Both spouses were "of Dartmouth." Kirby died before 4 April
1720, when his will was probated."

"The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633"
Robert Charles Anderson
Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995.
"ZOETH, b. say 1631; m. by 1657 Abigail _____ (eldest child b. 5 October 1657)"

"The Kirbys of New England",
Melatiah Everett Dwight,
The Trow Print, New York, 1898, pp 229-238
"Richard Kirby (Richard), born probably before 1638, since he should have been of age in 1658,
when he refused to take the oath of fidelity... Richard Kirby, Jr., was married, Oct. 9, 1665,
to Patience, daughter of William Gifford of Sandwich, Mass. He afterward removed to Dartmouth,
Mass. His wife Patience died some time after May 20, 1674, and he married (2), Dec. 2, 1678,
Abigail, widow of Zoeth Howland, son of Henry Howland of Duxbury, who had been killed by the
Indians at Pocasset, March 26, 1676, leaving nine children. There is no record of any child by
this second marriage; yet, inasmuch as he mentions in his will " my granddaughter Remember Potter,"
it may be that he had one child, a daughter, by his second wife, who married a Potter. His will is
dated Jan. 30, 1707-8, and was probated April 4, 1720. It is assumed, therefore, that he died in
1720. Since his wife Abigail is not mentioned in his will, it is probable that she died before 1708."

"Certain Comeoverers"
Crapo, Henry Howland
New Bedford, Mass.: E. Anthony & Sons, 1912; p146
"It may have been the charms of Abigail, or her estate, - it surely could not
have been her "many male children" - which caused Richard Kirby to marry
the widow December 2,1678. He was the son of the Richard Kirby..."

"Nathaniel Howland was the first child of Zoeth and Abigail Howland and was
born in Duxbury August 5, 1657, and died in Dartmouth March 3, 1724. He married
1684 Rose Allen, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Allen."

"Benjamin Howland, the second son of Zoeth and Abigail Howland, was born in Duxbury
March 8, 1659, and died in Dartmouth February 12, 1727. He married Judith Sampson,
April 23, 1684. He owned and lived on the Round Hills Farm at the end of Smith's Neck..."

"New England Marriages Prior To 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey,
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"HOWLAND, Zoeth (-1676) & Abigail _____, m/2 Richard KIRBY; Dec 1656"
"KIRBY, Richard (-1720), Dartmouth & 2/wf? Abigail (_____) HOWLAND (-1708), Dartmouth, w Zoeth; 2 Nov 1678, 2 Dec? "

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