Richard KIRBY

ABT 1603 - BEF 21 Jul 1688

  • BIRTH: ABT 1603, Rowington, Warwickshire, England
  • DEATH: BEF 21 Jul 1688, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA
Family 1 : Jane
  • MARRIAGE: BEF 1635
  1.  Jane KIRBY
  2.  Richard KIRBY
  3.  Sarah KIRBY
  4. +Ruhamah KIRBY
  5.  Recompence KIRBY

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|--Richard KIRBY 
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[4780] "Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records 1687-1745"
H.L. Peter Rounds, in:
Massachusetts Town, Probate and Vital Records CD-ROM
Broderbund, 1999, Vol. 4, p. 91
"Ratification of earlier agrmt. abt. settl. of Est. of RICHARD KERBY of Dart., "somtime more yn Ninteen
years since Died Intestate," said agrmt. having been btwn. Richard's chldn: Richard & Recompense
Kerby; Sarah Allen & Ruhamath Smith (both of Dart. & both widows) & Jane Leander of Sandwich (now
dcd.), dtd. 21 July 1707, recorded 9 Oct. 1722. Witns: Henery Howland & Samuel Marehu [4:119]."
"Accept, of settl. of Est. of RICHARD KERBY of Dart. by his grchldn: Tabatha Waite, Deborah Leander,
Sarah Leander & Joseph Leander, chldn. of Jane Leander late of Sandwich dcd., dtd. 9 Oct. 1707,
29 March 1708 & 31 March 1708. Witns; Joseph Tripp & John Tripp; John Lapham, Jr. & Judah Smith;
William Soule & Samuel Merehou [4:120]."

"The Kirbys of New England",
Melatiah Everett Dwight,
The Trow Print, New York, 1898, pp 229-238
"Richard Kirby of Sandwich, Mass. first appears upon the records of New England in 1636 as an inhabitant
of Lynn, Mass. In 1637, together with William Wood and others of Lynn, he removed to Cape Cod, and began
the settlement of the town of Sandwich...The name of his wife is unknown. Her first name was probably Jane.
There is a Sandwich record that Jane Kirby had twin children, Increase and Abigail, born February 1650, who
died soon after, and that the mother was buried, together with her son Richard, March 23, 1650...
Richard Kirby, Sr., died in Dartmouth, Mass., after May 1686 and before July 21, 1688..."

Kirby & Smith Family Genealogies
Series 1: Biographical and Genealogical
"Howland-Kirby Family Papers", Catalog #RG 5/067;
Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College.
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081-1399

"Genealogy of the Cornell Family"
Cornell, John
Press of T.A. Wright, New York, 1902, p392
"Richard Kirby of Sandwich, Mass., was first at Lynn, Mass. Removed in 1637 to Sandwich, Mass.
He early espoused the cause of the "Quakers," and 1658-60 suffered severely in fines for this
offense. Some time after 1660, he removed to Dartmouth, Mass., where he died (intestate) before
July 21, 1688. His wife's name was Jane, by whom he had two sons: Richard and Recompence."

"Certain Comeoverers"
Crapo, Henry Howland
New Bedford, Mass.: E. Anthony & Sons, 1912; p326
"He was one of the company of Lynn men who went to Sandwich in 1637...It is probable that he
removed from Sandwich to Dartmouth soon after 1670...He died sometime after May, 1686, and
before July, 1688...his daughter Rumahah, who married John Smith..."

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