Sarah HUNT

BEF 1725 - AFT 1774

  • BIRTH: BEF 1725, Hunterdon, NJ
  • DEATH: AFT 1774
Father: Edward HUNT
Mother: Elizabeth HAZARD

Family 1 : Isaac LANNING
  • MARRIAGE: BEF 1742
  1. +Elsie LANNING
  2.  Richard LANNING
  3.  Eleanor LANNING
  4.  Isaac LANNING

                                         _Ralph HUNT ___________
                     _Edward HUNT ______|
                    |                   |_Elizabeth Ann JESSUP _+
 _Edward HUNT ______|
|                   |                    _Richard BETTS ________
|                   |_Sarah BETTS ______|
|                                       |_Joanna CHAMBERLIN ____
|--Sarah HUNT 
|                                        _Thomas HAZARD ________
|                    _Jonathan HAZARD __|
|                   |                   |_Martha _______________
|_Elizabeth HAZARD _|
                    |                    _James LAURENSON ______
                    |_Hannah LAURENSON _|

[3735] "The Lanning Family of Newtown, Queens Co, NY..."
Lewis D. Cook, p 21

"Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, etc."
New Jersey Historical Society.
New Jersey Historical Society, Newark, NJ: 1901.
"Name: Edward Hunt: Date: 28 Oct 1757: Location: Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co.
will of. Children--James, Sarah, Anns, Anglica and Elenor...
Executors--son-in-law, Isaac Lanning, and nephew, Edward, son of brother Ralph Hunt."

"The Richard Lanning Family of Ontario and Some of Their American Relatives"
Jeannette Tyson, Jean I. Griffin
Ontario, Canada, 1991
(Extensively citing Lewis Cook's "Lanning Family of Newtown")
"The Will of Isaac Laning of Hardwick, Sussex County, N.J., dated 15 Jan. 1774 and proved 8 June 1781,
bequeaths "to eldest son Richard the land he now has; to son Isaac the land I possess, but out of the same
he pay to Ellener, wife of Thomas Lacee, my eldest daughter, 10 Pds., my youngest daughter, Else wife of
Benjamin Weelcox, 14 Pds., and to my wife Sarah one-third of the land during her life.""

[3736] Lanning line from a GEDCOM posted to RootsWeb by Patricia Bergener [].

[3734] [S250] "Early Northeast U.S. Hunt Families"

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