Jonathan HAZARD


____ - 1711

  • DEATH: 1711, Newtown, Queens, Long Island, NY
Father: Thomas HAZARD
Mother: Martha

Family 1 : Hannah LAURENSON
  1.  Thomas HAZARD
  2.  James HAZARD
  3.  Nathaniel HAZARD
  4. +Elizabeth HAZARD
  5.  Sarah HAZARD

                 |  |__
 _Thomas HAZARD _|
|                |   __
|                |__|
|                   |__
|--Jonathan HAZARD 
|                    __
|                 __|
|                |  |__
|_Martha ________|
                 |   __

[3843] "The Hazard Family of Rhode Island, 1635-1894"
Robinson, Caroline E.
Boston: Printed for the author, 1895; p. 2
"Willis R. Hazard, a descendant of Jonathan Hazard of Newtown, Long Island (according to
whose opinion Jonathan was a son of Thomas Hazard, but by other authorities a nephew)..."

"Genealogical Sketch of the Hazards of the Middle States"
Willis P. Hazard
(as reproduced in "Recollections of Olden Times: Rowland
Robinson of Narragansett and his Unfortunate Daughter"
Hazard, Thomas R.; Newport, R.I.: J.P. Sanborn, 1879)
"It is traditionary that a brother, nephew or son of Thomas came over with him, and was
ancestor to the New York and South Carolina Hazards."
"Thomas Hazard, came to this country, 1632."
"Jonathan Hazard (Thomas), at Newtown, L. I.; married Hannah Laurenson; died 1711;
had children: 1. Thomas, born 1682; died August 31, 1733. 2. James, judge at Newtown,
L. I.; died April 25, 1765. 3. Nathaniel, a merchant; died about 1765. 4. Elizabeth, married
Edward Hunt. 5. Sarah, married James Renne."

"The Annals of Newtown in Queens County, New-York"
James Riker
New York: D. Fanshaw, 1852
"Jonathan, another son, remained at Newtown, m. Hannah, dau. of Jas. Lauronson, acquired
a large property, and filled various offices. He d. in 1711, having had issue Thomas, James,
Nathaniel, Elizabeth, m. Edward Hunt, and Sarah, who m. James Renne."

"New England Marriages Prior To 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey,
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"HAZARD, Jonathan (-1711) (ae 72 in 1710) & Hannah [LAURENSON/LAURONSON],
dau James (wf Sarah in 1707); by 1682; Newtown, LI"

[3844] [S250] "Early Northeast U.S. Hunt Families"

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