ABT 1783 - AFT 1870

  • BIRTH: ABT 1783, Rupert, Bennington, VT
  • DEATH: AFT 1870, Canton, St. Lawrence, NY
Father: Ebenezer INGERSOLL
Mother: Margaret WHITCOMB

Family 1 : Heber SYKES
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1803

                                             _Richard INGERSOLL _+
                       _Richard INGERSOLL __|
                      |                     |_Ruth DODGE ________+
 _Ebenezer INGERSOLL _|
|                     |                      _Samuel SMITH ______+
|                     |_Zipporah SMITH _____|
|                                           |_Zipporah MORSE ____+
|--Candace INGERSOLL 
|                                            _James WHITCOMB ____+
|                      _Nathaniel WHITCOMB _|
|                     |                     |_Sarah WINSLOW _____+
|_Margaret WHITCOMB __|
                      |                      ____________________
                      |_Margaret GIBBS _____|

[479] "Genealogy of the Ingersoll Family in America"
Lillian Drake Avery
Frederick H. Hitchcock, Grafton Press, New York, 1926
p 46: "[Ebenezer's] will mentions sons John and Nathaniel; daughters Mary Smith,
Ruth Sykes, Candace Sykes, Margaret Gilbert, and Harriet Baldwin."
p64: "Candace Ingersoll, lived and died at Canton, N.Y.; m. Heber Sykes."

Will of Heber Sykes
St. Lawrence Co NY Will Book, Vol. 11, page 269
Transcribed from SAMPUBCO copy by Virginia Newton
Signed 14 Oct 1867; Proved 31 Mar 1870
"I, Heber Sykes... aged twenty nine years and being of sound mind and memory...
I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Candace Sykes all my personal estate... I
hereby give and bequeath to my four children Lorette H., Bingham A., Edwin J.
and Clarissa Maria, to be equally divided between them share and share alike..."
("Twenty nine years" is obviously mistranscribed; should be "seventy nine years".)

Family Data Collection - Individual Records
Edmund West, comp., 2000.
"Name: Candace Ingersoll; Spouse: Heber Sykes
Parents: Ebenezer Ingersoll , Margaret Whitcomb
Birth Place: Bennington CO, Rupert, VT; Birth Date: 1783
Marriage Place: Canton, St Lawrence, NY; Marriage Date: 1803
Death Place: Canton, St Lawrence, NY; Death Date: 1810"
(The date of death is obviously wrong, as she survived her husband beyond 1870.
The marriage date is also suspect; Heber would only have been 15 years old then. )

Needham Lineage and Genealogical Notes
Previously unpublished; 1962
Hawley Vincent Needham, Kathryne Lowe Needham Shepherd

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