20 Apr 1619 - 3 Dec 1700

  • BIRTH: 20 Apr 1619, Hingham, Norfolk, England
  • CHRISTENING: 20 Apr 1619, Hingham, Norfolk, England
  • DEATH: 3 Dec 1700, Hingham, Plymouth, MA
  • BURIAL: Apr 1700, Old Ship Cemetery, Hingham, Massachusetts
Father: Matthew CUSHING
Mother: Nazareth PITCHER

Family 1 : Lydia GILMAN
  • MARRIAGE: 10 JUNE 1645, Hingham, Plymouth, MA
  1.  Peter CUSHING
  2.  Daniel CUSHING
  3.  Deborah CUSHING
  4.  Jeremiah CUSHING
  5.  Theophilus CUSHING
  6.  Matthew CUSHING
Family 2 : Elizabeth JACOB
  • MARRIAGE: 23 Mar 1690

                                      _Thomas (Cushyn) CUSHING _+
                     _Peter CUSHING _|
                    |                |_Ursula (CUSHING) ________
 _Matthew CUSHING __|
|                   |                 __________________________
|                   |_Susan HAWES ___|
|                                    |__________________________
|--Daniel CUSHING 
|                                     __________________________
|                    _Henry PITCHER _|
|                   |                |__________________________
|_Nazareth PITCHER _|
                    |                 __________________________
                    |_Sarah BOND ____|

[788] Daniel Cushing left a full and minute will, dated 11 September 1693. A lot of land was granted to him by the Town of Hingham in 1665. He was a wheelwright andbecame a freeman in 1671, was an active magistrate and for many years Town Clerk of Hingham, and by the faithful discharge of the duties of this last officerendered invaluable service to the modern antiquary. From 1682 and for many years he kept a country store. Selectman in 1665 and for many years after. In theyears 1680, 1682 and 1695, he was delegate to the General Court.
A work has been published, styled (Extracts from the Minutes of Daniel Cushing, of Hingham,with a photograph of his manuscript, etc.) Boston - folio. Press of John Wilson& Son, 1865; printed by Lincoln. Henry Austin Whitney, of Boston, prepared anaddition containing a list of names of persons from Hingham, England, and printed by Drake.
Mr. Cushing had a general store and along with his daily accountshe recorded many of the town's events and considerable of it's gossip; - the time Israel Leavitt abused Mr. and Mrs. Norton with base speeches, Mr. Norton being the minister; the time his boy and the minister's son imbibed too freely; the hasty marriages and other items of popular interest. His record is a valuable one as well as amusing. A photographic copy of it is a unique addition to Massachusetts Historical literature. At the age of seventy, his wife having been dead several years, he enters in his diary his courtship with the widow Thatcheras follows:

"Nov 27, 1689, bargained with E.T.
Dec. 3, 1689, E.T. denied the bargain
Dec. 13, 1689, Agreed again
May 1, 1690, Agreed."

The wedding followed soon after this entry. The bride was Elizabeth Jacob Thatcher, his first wife's cousin. His son Daniel married her daughter..

DANIEL, Hingham, eldest son of first Matthew, born at Hingham, England 1619, a wheelwright, came with his father 1638, freeman 1671, representative 1680, 1682, and 1695, married 10 June 1645, Lydia, daughter of Edward Gilman, who died 1689, had Peter, born 1646; Daniel, 1648; Deborah, 18 November 1651; Jeremiah, 3, baptized 9 July 1654, H. C. 1676; Theophilus, 29 May, baptized 7 June 1657; and Matthew, 15 July 1660. His second wife was Elizabeth widow of John Thaxter, daughter of Nicholas Jacob, married 9 March 1691, and she died 1725, aged 93. He died 3 December 1700, having as third town clerk of Hingham rendered says Lincoln, for many years invaluable service to the modest antiquary. I hope he recorded the names of hisdaughters if he had more than Deborah, married 25 September 1679, Henry Tarleton, and next, 31 August 1686, Reverend Benjamin Woodbridge of Bristol. The willof Cushing of 11 September 1693, written with admirable precision yet with muchminuteness, filled more than six close folio pages, is in our records XIV. 293. It provides for the recent wife, five sons, daughter Deborah, and her husbandBenjamin Woodbridge, and sister Deborah, wife of Matthew Briggs.

"To Daniel Cushing, that town [Hingham] is indebted for the first accurate records of the proceedings of the town. His clerkship commenced in 1669, and the method andneatness of the records for many years, does him much credit."

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"History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts"
George Lincoln, et. al., Hingham, MA; 1893 p. 150

"New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
p. 199:
CUSHING, Daniel (1619-1700) & 1/wf Lydia GIBMAN (-1689); 19 Jun 1645, Jun 1645, 19 Jan;
CUSHING, Daniel (1619-1700) & 2/wf Elizabeth (JACOB) THAXTER (1632-1725),
w John; 23 Mar 1690/1, 6? Mar; Hingham

(Cushing and associated family lines from a GEDCOM at the excellent
"Genealogy of the Cushing Family - Online Version 2003"
by Warren R. Cushing [wrcushing@yahoo.com])

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