____ - 31 Aug 1733

  • DEATH: 31 Aug 1733, Newtown, Queens, Long Island, NY
Father: Jonathan HAZARD
Mother: Hannah LAURENSON

Family 1 : Mercy BETTS

                     _Thomas HAZARD ___|
                    |                  |__
 _Jonathan HAZARD __|
|                   |                   __
|                   |_Martha __________|
|                                      |__
|--Thomas HAZARD 
|                                       __
|                    _James LAURENSON _|
|                   |                  |__
|_Hannah LAURENSON _|
                    |                   __

[4707] "The Annals of Newtown in Queens County, New-York"
James Riker
New York: D. Fanshaw, 1852
"Thomas, styled captain, was supervisor of Newtown from 1720 till his death,
which occurred Aug. 31, 1733, at the age of 51, occasioned by a fall from his
horse. By his wife Mercy, dau. of Thos. Betts, he had ch. Thomas, Daniel,
Samuel, John, and Jonathan: the last of whom settled in Orange co., N. Y."

"Abstract of Wills on File in the Surrogate's Office, City of New York
(Volume III. 1730-1744) Page 98.
Cornell Library New York State Historical Literature
"In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas HAZZARD, of Newtown, in Queens
County, "being in a very weak condition." My executors are to pay all
debts, and may sell my lot or tract of land and meadow adjoining Fish
Mill Creek. My wife Mercy is to have during her widowhood the use of 1/2
of my plantation on which I now dwell. If she marries, then she is to
have 200. I leave to my son Thomas my negro boy "Will," "for his right
as first born." All the rest of my estate is to go to my five sons,
Thomas, Daniel, Samuel, John, and Jonathan. I appoint my wife Mary, and
my brother, James Hazzard, and my brother-in-law, Daniel Betts, executors.
Dated August 31, 1733. (No witnesses given.) Proved, November 3, 1733."

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