19 Nov 1655 - Sep 1722

  • BIRTH: 19 Nov 1655, Dedham, Suffolk, MA [1385]
  • DEATH: Sep 1722, Needham, Suffolk, MA [1387] [1388]
Father: Christopher SMITH
Mother: Mary FAIRBANKS

Family 1 : Abigail DAY
  • MARRIAGE: 21 Dec 1677, Dedham, Suffolk, MA [5707]
  1.  Abigail SMITH
  2.  John SMITH
  3.  Christopher SMITH
  4.  Abigail SMITH
  5.  Jonathan SMITH
  6.  Joshua SMITH
  7.  Caleb SMITH
  8.  Moses SMITH
  9.  Aaron SMITH
  10. +Samuel SMITH

                     |                     |___________________
 _Christopher SMITH _|
|                    |                      ___________________
|                    |_____________________|
|                                          |___________________
|--John SMITH 
|                                           _George FAIRBANKS _+
|                     _Jonathan FAIRBANKS _|
|                    |                     |_Mary FARRER ______+
|_Mary FAIRBANKS ____|
                     |                      ___________________
                     |_Grace SMITH ________|

[1390] Ancestry of Zipporah Smith from a GEDCOM at RootsWeb by Helen S. Ullmann, CG, FASG [].

"The Correct Ancestry of Ebenezer Smith"
Judith Miner Hine Luedemann
Connecticut Nutmegger, v23, pp68-76 (1990)
"John Smith (Christopher), born 19 November 1655; died 7 October 1722 at Needham, Mass.;
married 21 October 1677 Abigail Day, born 22 April 1661 at Dedham, daughter of Ralph Day
(Ralph Day's first wife was Susan Fairbanks by whom he had five children; Abigail was his
only child by (2) Abigail Crafts Ruggles who married (3) Edward Adams) and (2) widow
Abigail Crafts Ruggles, daughter of Griffin Crafts and widow of John Ruggles; died 15 June
1725 at Needham, 'w of John'."

"More on the Smiths of Ashford, Connecticut"
Helen Schatvet Ullman
Connecticut Nutmegger, v36, pp559-564 (Mar 2004)
"John Smith's will, dated 26 September 1722 and proved on 1 October 1722, provides
additional information. He named sons John, Christopher, Jonathan, Moses, Joshua, Caleb,
Aaron and Samuel, in approximate birth order, saying that Aaron and Samuel were his
'youngest sons'."

"Genealogy of the Fairbanks Family in America"
Fairbanks, Lorenzo Sayles
Boston, MA; 1897; p32
"Abigail Day, b. April 20, 1661; m. John Smith, Dec. 21, 1677."

"Colonial Families of the United States of America"
Mackenzie, George Norbury
Baltimore, MD; 1912; v3, p500.
"John Smith, b. in Dedham, Mass., 19th Nov. 1655; d. 1722, between 26th Sept.
and 5th Nov.; m. 21st Dec. 1677, Abigail Day, b. 22d Apr. 1661, d. after
1722, dau. of Ralph Day, by his wife Abigail (Craft) Ruggles, widow of John
Ruggles, and dau. of Lieut. Griffin Craft, of Roxbury, Mass."

"American Marriage Records Before 1699"
William Montgomery Clemens
Pompton Lakes, NJ, 1926
"Abigail DAY, John Smith, 21 October 1677, Dedham, Mass."

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"SMITH, John & Abigail DAY (1661-); 21 Dec 1677; Dedham"

[1391] [S100] "Correct Ancestry of Ebenezer Smith"

  • PAGE: 70

[1385] [S105] The Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths and Intentions of Marriage inthe Town of Dedham

  • PAGE: 6
  • NOTE:

    [1386] This calls him the son of Christopher and Martha, but it is "either aclerk's error, or a modern misreading" according to Leudeman. Herfather's will names his daughters Mary Smith and Martha Stow, so it wasMary who married Christopher.

[1387] [S106] "Vital Records of Needham, Massachusetts"

  • PAGE: 154

[1388] [S101] Suffolk Co., Mass., Probate Records

  • PAGE: 22:734
  • NOTE:

    [1389] Docket #4661. John Smith's will, dated 26 Sep. 1722 with a codicil dated1 Oct. 1722, was proved 5 Nov. 1722. It named wife Abigail, sons John,Christopher, Jonathan, Moses, Joshua, Caleb, Aaron and Samuel, in thatorder, saying that Aaron and Samuel were his youngest sons. Then therewas "only daughter Abigail Brewer" and the grandson "who dwells with me,Ezra Smith" who was under 15 years old. Aaron and Samuel were to beexecutors.

[5707] [S105] The Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths and Intentions of Marriage inthe Town of Dedham

  • PAGE: 17

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