ABT 1618 - APRIL 25, 1705

  • OCCUPATION: Governor of MA colony
    1681 - 1692
  • BIRTH: ABT 1618, England
  • DEATH: APRIL 25, 1705, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
Father: Samuel HINCKLEY
Mother: Sarah SOULE

Family 1 : Mary RICHARDS
  • MARRIAGE: 4 Dec 1641, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA

Family 2 : Mary SMITH
  • MARRIAGE: 15 Mar 1659, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA

                   |  |__
 _Samuel HINCKLEY _|
|                  |   __
|                  |__|
|                     |__
|--Thomas HINKLEY 
|                      __
|                   __|
|                  |  |__
|_Sarah SOULE _____|
                   |   __

[1350] "Vital Records of the Towns of Barnstable and Sandwich"
Leonard and Norma Smith, Mayflower Descendant, 1901-1935
"Massachusetts Town, Probate and Vital Records, 1600s-1900s" CD-ROM
Broderbund Software, 1999
[For Barnstable, pp28-31]
"Thos Hinkley Married with Mary Richards ye 7 of Decem 1641
(the births of eight children are then recorded)
Mary ye Wife of Thomas Hinkley Died ye 24 of June 1659
Thomas Hinkley Married With Mary Glover ye 16 of March 1659/60"
(the births of nine children follow)

"The Pioneers of Massachusetts"
Charles Henry Pope, Boston, MA, 1900
"Massachusetts Genealogical Records, 1600s-1800s" CD-ROM, 2000
p231: "HINCKLEY, HINKLY, Samuel...they brought four children: Thomas, (who became governor of
Plymouth Colony,) Susanna, (m. Rev. John Smith,) Sarah, (m. Henry Cobb,) and Mary; other ch. b. here
were Elizabeth bapt. Sept. 6, 1635, (m. 15 July, 1657, Elisha Parker,) Samuel bapt. 24 July, 1642, John
bapt. 26 May, 1644."

"Genealogical Research in England"
Elizabeth French
NEHGR v65 p318 (Oct 1911)
"b. probably abt. 1619, the well-known Govenor of Plymouth Colony; m. twice, had issue."

"The Hinckley Family"
George W. Messinger
NEHGR v13 p208 (Jul 1859)
Lists 12 of the 16 children, citing Scituate and Barnstable church records.

"History of Scituate, Massachusetts"
Samuel Deane
"Massachusetts Town, Probate and Vital Records, 1600s-1900s" CD-ROM
Broderbund Software, 1999
p284: "Thomas, the son of Samuel, sen. was born in England, 1618. He married Mary Richards 1644,
and had one daughter Mary, same year. He married a second wife, widow Mary Glover, 1659. He was
an assistant and magistrate many years. He was elected Governor 16S0, and continued annually in that
office until the charter of the Colony was cancelled, and the union with Massachusetts took place in 1692 :
with the exception of 1686 and 7, (under Andros, General Governor), when he was one of the Council ; and
too good a patriot, we may add, to approve of the tyranny of Andros. He died 1706. Hubbard says he was
seventy-three years of age. Prince says eighty-eight: and from hence other writers have been misled. But
we ascertain the probable correctness of those who state his age at eighty-eight, by recurring to the facts
that he was married in 1644: and bore arms in Barnstable 1643; and of course he could not have been born
in 1633, as some state."

"Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families"
Otis, Amos
Barnstable, Mass.: F.B. & F.P. Goss, 1888-90; v2, p30
The text lists the 12 children, only 7 of which survived childhood.
"Gov. Thomas Hinckley, son of Samuel, married for his first wife, Dec. 4, 1641, Mary Richards, daughter
of Thomas of Weymouth. She died June 24, 1659, and he married March 16, 1660, for his second, Mary
Glover, widow of Nathaniel Glover...Gov. Thomas Hinckley died April 25, 1705, aged 87, not 85, as
stated on the monument recently erected in his memory."

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England"
James Savage
Pub. Boston, 1860-1862, pp. 424-425
"He was rep. 1645, and in 1658 chos. an Assist. of the Col. the first dep.-gov. 1680, and Gov. from 1681
to 1692, when the Mass. Chart. absorbed the old Col. exc. during the time of Andros's power, to wh. he
was a counsel. nam. by the King, and d. 1706, in 88th yr. "

"New England Marriages Prior To 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey,
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"HINCKLEY, Thomas (1619-1705) & Mary RICHARDS (-1659); 7 Dec 1641; Barnstable"
"HINCKLEY, Thomas (1619-1705) & 2/wf Mary (SMITH) GLOVER (?1630-1703),
w Nathaniel; 16 Mar 1659/60; Barnstable"

[1349] [S94] H. V. Book typescript, Grimsby museum.

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