1630 - 29 Jul 1703

  • BIRTH: 1630, Lancashire, England
  • EMIGRATION: APRIL, 1635, Bristol, MA
  • DEATH: 29 Jul 1703, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
Family 1 : Nathaniel GLOVER
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1650, Dorchester, Suffolk, MA

Family 2 : Thomas HINKLEY
  • MARRIAGE: 15 Mar 1659, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA

   |  |__
|  |   __
|  |__|
|     |__
|--Mary SMITH 
|      __
|   __|
|  |  |__
   |   __

[3638] "Vital Records of the Towns of Barnstable and Sandwich"
Leonard and Norma Smith, Mayflower Descendant, 1901-1935
"Massachusetts Town, Probate and Vital Records, 1600s-1900s" CD-ROM
Broderbund Software, 1999
[For Barnstable, pp28-31]
"Thos Hinkley Married with Mary Richards ye 7 of Decem 1641
(the births of eight children are then recorded)
Mary ye Wife of Thomas Hinkley Died ye 24 of June 1659
Thomas Hinkley Married With Mary Glover ye 16 of March 1659/60"
(the births of nine children follow)

"Suffolk County Wills"
NEHGR, Index by Judith McGhan
"Massachusetts Town, Probate and Vital Records, 1600s-1900s" CD-ROM
Broderbund Software, 1999
"Mrs. Mary Glover - Inventory of ye Goods & Estate of Mrs Mary Glover, ye wife of Mr Nath. Glover, deceased,
taken by Roger Clap, & John Gurnell, the 13 : 12 mo. 1659, by ye Request of the said Mrs Glover. Amt. .478.
01. 06. This Inventory was presented to ye County Court, by Mr Tho: Hinckley, on his marriage to Mary, ye
Relict of said Nathl. Glover."

"Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families"
Otis, Amos
Barnstable, Mass.: F.B. & F.P. Goss, 1888-90; v2, p30
The text lists the 12 children, only 7 of which survived childhood.
"he married March 16, 1660, for his second, Mary Glover, widow of Nathaniel Glover. Her grandson,
Rev. Thomas Prince, says "she was the only child of Mr. Quartermaster Smith by his first wife, formerly of
LanUcashire, in England, and afterwards of Dorchester, in New EngUland," and "was born in Lancashire in
1630. Her parents living under the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Richard Mather at Toxteth in that shire, they came
up and brought her with them to Bristol in order for N. E. in April, 1635. Her father and others settling at
Dorchester, and a new church gathered there Aug. 23, 1636, the said Mr. Richard Mather became the
Teacher ; under whose minUistry she lived, unless when sent to school at Boston. She marUried to Mr. Nathaniel
Glover, a son of the Hon. John Glover, of said Dorchester, by whom she had Nathaniel and Ann. And then this
husband dying she remained a widow till when she married the Hon. Thomas Hinckley, Esq., of Barnstable."
...Mrs. Hinckley died July 29, 1703, in the 73rd year of her age."

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England"
James Savage
Pub. Boston, 1860-1862, pp. 424-425

"New England Marriages Prior To 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey,
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"GLOVER, Nathaniel (-1657) & Mary [SMITH] (ca 1630-1703), m/2 Thomas HINCKLEY
1660; ca 1647/52; Dorchester"
"HINCKLEY, Thomas (1619-1705) & Mary RICHARDS (-1659); 7 Dec 1641; Barnstable"
"HINCKLEY, Thomas (1619-1705) & 2/wf Mary (SMITH) GLOVER (?1630-1703),
w Nathaniel; 16 Mar 1659/60; Barnstable"

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