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Spring 2010 was gorgeous in Kansas. The trees and shrubery were so laden with beautiful blooms that I doubt they could have held any more. The forsythia and other bushes blossomed first, followed by the trees, and finally the lilacs. Almost the full month of April provided with lovely sights and scents.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.4 MB in size.
The panoramas vary considerably in size, form 300 kB to 10 MB.


The backyard, looking North


The front yard, looking North
(The neighbors just had to dig up their sewer line, so their bare dirt can be forgiven)


The front yard, looking South


The front yard, looking North again



More of the backyard, with the tall trees given their due.



A closer look at the front yard.



Google's Street View car should come around now...


Close-ups of the blooms...

...on the trees...

...and even in the lawn!





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