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During the 2016 Tour de France I won a set of top-end HED GT3 race wheels from the Tinkoff Sport team. That decided my "n+1" bike purchase, so I'm now the proud owner of a Cannondale Slice TT/Tri bike with Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting. A serious go-fast bike!

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 5 MB in size.

The bike arrived in a big box. Accessories came in a little box.

The small parts.


The big parts, cleverly packaged.


With the clever packaging removed.

Basic assembly complete.


The working bits.

The cockpit.

Charging up a bicycle! The Di2 electronic shifting junction box.

Internet of Things Geek Nirvana...

...Updating a bicycle's firmware!

Beauty shots with the stock wheels.

That's a new fence behind the bike, too!

Family portrait out in the garage.

A cassette for the fancy HED GT3 wheels.



More beauty shots with the stock Vision T30 wheels.



Genuine bike porn with the HED GT3 wheels.



My bikes grudging allow my truck to sometimes live in the garage, too.


A happy cyclist ready for the first ride on his new toy!

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