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Memorial Day, Monday, 30 May was Day Three of the 2016 Cottonwood 200 and goes from Council Grove back to Topeka, mostly along US56. It was a glorious day, so I took the optional long route, which you can examine at MapMyRide, or see my own ride report at Garmin Connect. As noted, it was a beautiful day with temperatures around 80F and southeast winds that mostly helped push us along. I started the day off right with a pancake breakfast at the Saddlerock Cafe. Get the short stack - these pancakes are huge! K-170 to Reading is a joy to ride: smooth road just hilly enough to be interesting.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.8 MB in size.


Headed back to Topeka on US56.


Thresher on the K-99 leg of the long route.


Views of the prairie at the junction of K-99 and K-170.


In Reading.

In Osage City.


A different sort of cycle in Burlingame.






Mission accomplished with 205 miles on the clock.



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