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Saturday, 28 May was Day One of the 2016 Cottonwood 200, and took us from Topeka to Council Grove, on various roads south of Topeka to highways 4 and 177. You can examine the route at MapMyRide, or see my own ride report at Garmin Connect. It was mostly cloudy, with mild 60-75F temperatures, but with a steady westerly headwind at 12 mph gusting to about 20 mph. That made for a long, exhausting day. Enjoyed the cheesecake at the "Barnyard" in Alta Vista for lunch. Dinner was roast buffalo at the "Trail Days" in Council Grove, where I reconnected with a long-lost high school classmate completely by chance!

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.8 MB in size.


The always well-organized KVBC.









Those arm warmers came off when the sun came out.



The start is at Washburn University in Topeka.



The first SAG stop to refuel against the wind.



Curious art and a quaint cafe in Dover.



Another SAG with helpful, friendly volunteers.



Pulled pork for lunch and a cause in Eskridge.



The KDOT shelter SAG at the intersection of K-99 and K-4.


The brilliant mobile porta-potties!


Downtown Alta Vista, home of the Barnyard Cafe.

Finally in Council Grove, and greeted by the Guardian.

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