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Monday, 27 May was Day Three of the 2013 Cottonwood 200, and took us back to Topeka along US-56, K-99 and K-4. You can examine the route at MapMyRide, or see my own ride report at Garmin Connect. A big storm moved across the region north of us. We got a lot of rain, some lightning and a tiny bit of hail. The winds would be all over the map. We enjoyed a nice ride for the first couple of hours. As we turned north on 99 near Admire, the wind got in our face and light rain started. This continued until after we reached Eskridge. Along the way, we briefly sheltered in a nice fellow's garage with about 30 of our fellow riders when the lightning and hail threatened. That passed, and the rain generally passed after lunch at the Coffee Cup in Eskridge. From there is wasn't bad biking.

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